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What are my legal rights as a tenant when it comes to toxic mold?


I contacted my landlord to inform her there was mold above my kitchen cabinets. Without knowing what it looked like she told me it was dust and to wipe it off. After a month and nothing was done, I met with her to inform her we’re terminating our lease early due to our mold issue. She responded by telling me she didn’t know anything about the mold and I should have called. I reminded her I did a month prior and nothing was done (this convo. is recorded). She sent her maintenance man and he said it was mildew. I asked why hasn’t it been tested and he said I don’t really know it looks like mildew and look into having a professional come. My neighbor called about her mold issue and the man said it was mildew because her baby isn’t sick. She ran some errands and when she got back she realized he came and painted over it. He came back to mine to “clean” it and was directed by our property manager to use a mold/mildew stain remover that you buy at Walmart. I made it clear do not paint over it, I noticed that all the remover did was strip the paint off. I knew it was a bigger issue due to some research and realizing all these health issues me and my boyfriend have been suffering from since living here can be caused my toxic mold. I found black mold in every air vent, the walls, and above the water heater. I went to the doctor to have blood work done and I’m waiting on the results and my boyfriends looking into his issue because he was recently hospitalized for several things including an enlarged spleen that they couldn’t identify the cause for. I hired a professional to come out and he found Stachybottys (toxic mold), Aspergillus Fumigatus and Chactomium and told us we had to evacuate and we did. The cause is the way the AC unit is set up in our apartment, there is nothing draining the water. After all of that, what legal rights do I have or is there anything to even due about our situation. The maintenance man informed us that the property manager told him we’re just looking for a way out of our lease without having to pay anything, we literally had 3 months left, that is not what we’re trying to do. Now no one is communicating with us especially her supervisor once she received the report from the professional.

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Asked on April 26, 2018 2:25 pm

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