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What can I do about a Landlord who knowingly rented our unit with mold?

by ZombieMoMombie111

We moved in approximately a year ago. Our linen closet reeked of what we thought was ammonia/cat urine smell. I have many email to the management company in regards to repair and I asked in the emails several times if it was mold and no reply. 5 months later a mold inspector showed up, but could only release the test results to management company. Our upstairs neighbor saw the maintenance people cover up the mold before we moved in. My last email about the mold was June 2018 and no answer again. July 2018 a new owner bought the property and had three Mold Remediation people here to give a estimate. This is a four unit Apartment and ours has the worse mold, but no one will give me a report. The last Mold Remediation person told us it is really bad and they will have to gut the kitchen and bathroom. He said he will even testify for us, because it is really bad. The new owner was going to put us up in a hotel for two days, but after the last estimate, he decided we needed to move. We have 3 months left on our lease. He will only give us $1500 to move if we move out by August 14th 2018 and we just found out he wants us to move and today is July 27th 2018. We are on a fixed income, have three dogs and cannot find anything at this moment. We do not have Medical Insurance, so we have not seen a Doctor. My husband has nosebleeds, eye issues,breathing issues, itching, coughing etc. I have rashes, breathing issues, eye issues, itching, coughing etc. We are both disabled seniors. Our one dog is paralyzed and has been to the Vet for eye issues and a horrible skin rash. We had no idea it was definitely Mold till the new owner purchased the property this month.

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Asked on August 14, 2018 4:44 pm

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