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When mold starts to grow on drywall can it show as shiny spots vs a flat painted wall?


We have a home that has visible mold under the flooring that we had to pull up, and lately I have seen spots on the ceiling and on our drywall. Our home walls are painted in flat paint and when you look at the wall from a side point of view you can see shiny areas. These shiny areas show up maybe two or three spots to a wall and thats it. We have 1 shiny spot on the ceiling. In one of the areas a clear texture grew from the shiny spots. When I went online to ask this question a bunch of paint possibilities came up but this is not a paint issue. We have been in our newly built home almost 1 year. I know the rusted looking orange spots coming from ceiling trim and baseboards is mold but I do need to know if the shiny spots are also. I have images but I dont see an area to upload one to show.

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Asked on December 28, 2019 8:56 pm

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