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MoldBlogger Interview: Lisa and Ron Beres

Q. Being advocates for healthy homes, how often do you get contacted concerning black mold and how to remove it?

Lisa: We get contacted quite often for mold inquiries from people all across the country, but most people are unaware if they actually have mold, the scope of the problem or how to properly remove it. Many people will experience hay fever like symptoms, but if they can’t see visible mold, they tend to think it doesn’t exist or isn’t a real threat.

Ron: We always start by advising the person test, not guess. Too many people unknowingly put themselves and/or their loved ones in danger by ignoring the visible signs of moisture or water damage and/or a musty smell. They assume it will go away on its own. Many people wait too long before addressing the root cause of the issue – typically a leaky water source.
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Interview with Lori Tondini, author of “Are You Moldy?”

I had the privilege of connecting with Lori several years back. She sent me a copy of her then just published book, “Are You Moldy? The true story of a very moldy person.” It is a powerful story. If you’re battling with mold right now, you will find a lot to relate with and draw encouragement from. If you haven’t fought the mold battle, Lori’s story will do a lot to open your eyes to what others are experiencing and give you a context to understand them better. Lori has put her heart into the book and I highly recommend it.

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