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Destroy Mold the Environmentally Safe Way

by BrianReeves
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When ridding your home of mold, it is also important to take your surrounding environment into consideration. Using a product that could hurt your pets, or the surrounding wildlife, is generally a bad idea. Luckily, there are products on the market that can kill mold and not hurt your surrounding environment.


Safe Products

The product that we choose to use at Clean Green Restoration in Olympia, Washington is called Cal-Brite.Cal-Brite is low in pH levels and leaves a minimal impact on the environment. Some people also have success using hydrogen peroxide as a mold-removing agent, or bleach. However, we would recommend steering clear of bleach since it can be harmful and can damage your eyes, skin or clothing with direct contact.Cal-Brite is a great choice because it is organic, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Always Test

Cal-Brite is safe to use in many circumstances, but it is always a good to test a small area before applying to a large surface. Testing in an inconspicuous area is recommending just in case it stains the surface.


Sometimes, there is just too much mold to clean yourself, in these cases it is a good idea to hire a professional.

To learn about professional mold cleaning in Western Washington, visit www.cleangreenrestoration.com or www.tacomamoldsolutions.com

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Sharon May 23, 2015 - 8:32 am

We have high ceilings with wood beams in our main living area. We have been dealing with black mold in the corners. We have a SIP construction house, and the mold is not in the interior of wall. The house, which is 10 years old, is humid inside, even with AC running. The house is constructed on a crawl space.
We recently had an HVAC person come in to help us solve our issue. He found mold all through our ducts, and recommended having the whole system replaced. He reported that our duct work was done in the cheapest possible way with duct board and the returns going through the wall board. The builder of our house lives in the neighborhood and frankly has been of no help. Does anyone else have experience with faulty duct work, and/or is duct board deteriorate and leak? We are lost with what to do. Thanks


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