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What Causes Mold to Grow in Homes?

by BrianReeves
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Mold is a naturally occurring substance that has been in existence for many, many years. It needs very little in the way of subsistence to survive, because it feeds off the basics of cellulose material which is wood based products. In our modern day times people generally construct their buildings out of drywall and other wood based products which can result in a number of problems in which mold may arise in the home itself. How can a mold be created in a home?


Water Damage

If water damage occurs in a home and is not remediated properly mold can grow in the property relatively easily. The remediation needs to spray down chemicals, remove waterlogged cellulose material, and place commercial dehumidifiers in the area in order to alleviate the moisture problems in the home itself. If these steps are not taken then mold can grow rapidly within the home, because its main source of sustenance are present in the area that was affected by the water damage. Other areas to be concerned about mold growth are in areas of high moisture concentration.

Problem Areas

The area of the home that has the most likelihood of mold growth occurring is the bathroom. Bathrooms that are in older homes are in many cases unventilated, and this is a problem. Without anywhere for the moisture to go it can leach into the walls of the bathroom. This incentivizes mold spores to be attracted to it because they view it as an excellent place to latch on to. It can also be exacerbated by the amount of the water that is put on the walls and ceilings by the people living in the home. Another area of the home that can hold a great deal of mold is the general storage areas within the property which are the basement and attic areas.

Basement and attics tend to be areas where continual mold growth happens in the home. Basements are generally moist because of them being in the earth and the soil around them tends to be damp. This is a considerable problem in a finished basement, where there is often cellulose material that is used for insulation and to make up the interior walling of the basement. The attic area can be affected by moisture, because of the moisture coming upwards from the home itself. Also, if there is a leak in the roof then the mold can grow on the underside of the roof. What can one do to prevent or eliminate the mold problem.


Eliminate Leaks and Reduce Moisture

One of the most important things to do in order to eliminate the problem of mold is too eliminate its causes. These can be leaky roofs, hiring a professional water damage firm, installing a commercial dehumidifier, or adding fans to an area in order to alleviate the moisture problems. If the mold problem has occurred in the home it is important that you hire a certified mold remediation contractor to handle the project.

Article by Jeff Cohn at SI-Restoration. Jeff has been involved in the mold remediation industry for 25 years.

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Captain's Complete Restoration June 29, 2015 - 1:19 pm

Mold can be so dangerous so the sooner it’s found the better. Great article and reminders of where to look.


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