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How to Cure a Yeast Infection

by Amanda Demsky
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Yeast Infections

With only 1,500 species identified, yeast – a single-celled microorganism – makes up just 1% of the fungi kingdom. It can be found in many ecosystems, including vegetation, soil, the aquatic (rivers, oceans, lakes, creeks, ponds), and, surprisingly to some, the bodies of both humans and animals.


Most are aware that yeast can be either beneficial or harmful to the health of its host. Beneficial yeasts, such as Brewer’s, Baker’s, and Torula, are often referred to as Nutritional Yeasts. Due to the presence of various vitamins, minerals, Beta Glucan polysaccharides, and Beta 1 3 Glucans, these beneficial yeasts generally enhance the functioning of the immune system, as well as aid in normalizing blood sugar levels. Harmful yeasts, however, such as candida, are pathogenic. This means that they cause disease.

Normally, the phrase “yeast infection” conjures up images of female anatomy, but the truth is that candida is not just a problem for women. Candida albicans is, in small concentrations, present in the human body at any given time. It is this yeast species that, if encouraged to grow, rapidly causes infection. Furthermore, if candida enters the bloodstream, its victim is at risk for serious, widespread illness and even death.

While more research must be done to determine if there is a more clearly-defined connection between mold exposure and yeast infections, the fact remains that any suppression or sensitization of the immune system – as observed in the detrimental effects of mold on the body – will only aid in the work of a harmful yeast. Recurring yeast infections could very well be the result of an invasive mold issue in the home. However, it is also possible that there are other catalytic factors involved, such as diet.

A Prescription for Health

Located along the eastern coast of Australia in Bellbrook, New South Wales, is the Misty Mountain Health Retreat, which promises its patrons the “secrets of optimum health” in a series of lectures by qualified naturopath, nutritionist, and international speaker – Barbara O’Neill. Included in this article is a short video in which Mrs. O’Neill reveals what might be causing yeast infections and how to cure and prevent them.


While many points were made, O’Neill specifically mentions a process of elimination and healing that involves the following:

– Eradicating mold from the home
– Starving the fungus (yeast) out of the body
– Balancing the body’s “good” bacteria
– Creating and maintaining an alkaline status

Eradicating Mold from the Home

Ridding the home of mold is the first step to overcoming a yeast infection. As stated prior, mold suppresses and sensitizes the immune response, which enables harmful yeast to grow and spread rapidly throughout the body, causing infectious disease. It is imperative that a victim of harmful yeast search their home, vehicle, or work space for mold growth or even the potential for growth, such as moisture issues. Whatever the cost, the mold must be removed and any leaky water concerns must be addressed.

Starving the Fungus (Yeast) Out of the Body

The presence of infection, especially recurring infection, is an indication that the yeast is being adequately – maybe even abundantly – nourished. This is why it is vital that the victim adhere to a restricted diet in order to starve the yeast. Sugars, for example, whether highly processed or more naturally derived (such as maple syrup, honey, and fruit), should be avoided completely as they are the most favorable form of nutrition for yeast. (For more information concerning further foods to avoid, please click here.)

Balancing the Body’s “Good” Bacteria

While candida albicans already inhabits the body, it only becomes harmful if there develops an imbalance within the gastrointestinal tract. In other words, candida could not rapidly grow and spread if good bacteria was sufficiently present at all times. O’Neill suggests a probiotic to reintroduce good bacteria and maintain balance.

Creating and Maintaining an Alkaline Status


The body as a whole – even its beneficial yeast and bacteria – experiences a negative effect when coerced into becoming an acidic environment. The potentially harmful yeasts and bacteria are permitted to grow at an alarming rate while the beneficial microorganisms are continually stifled. Creating and maintaining an alkaline state is crucial to healing and ridding the body of yeast infection. This is directly related to diet. O’Neill advises that the most ideal diet is a vegetarian one, daily composed of greens and anti-fungal vegetables with a low intake of fruit and an avoidance of meat, cheese, and grains. (For more information regarding foods to eat, please click here.)

Thanks to Barbara O’Neill and the contributors here at MoldBlogger, any victim of yeast infection is equipped with the information needed to overcome and conquer it for good. Please check out – and subscribe to – her other videos on YouTube for more health gems.

For more information regarding mold, mold prevention, and mold solutions, please check out the rest of MoldBlogger.com.

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Graeme Rogers December 5, 2020 - 3:44 pm

I find your information invaluable. Recently I assisted an acquaintance to overcome a major mould contamination in their home as it affected his health so much he had to move out.
On eliminating the mould and spores his life is on the road to recovery and back with his loving family. He is a well known World champion that had chronic illness from the mould issue. Reading your articles that I have passed onto him will give him further information in order to defeat this life debilitating proble. I will with your permission also pass onto my data base this information. I look forward to following your articles in order to assist people that are affected by these allergens to live a better life as a lot of our medical profession mis diagnose the mould problem within humans,thank you so much for this information.

Graeme Rogers December 5, 2020 - 3:53 pm

Your articles are so important to educate people in understanding the invisible problem we live with in mould.
As previously posted I have assisted a World Champion irradiate problems to his health and life due to mould contamination that turned a very fit human into a chronically ill person.
Now with excellent detail as you have written I can assist him even more.
Our medical profession are still largely blind to this problem bought on by mould and mis diagnose it as there are so many varied symptoms,runny nose,rashes,tiredness,itch eyes and it goes on.
Feel free if you wish to contact me on this issue as I believe it is si important to educate people more on this hidden health issue.


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