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Denise in Toronto, Ontario

I did not know what it was at first, but I have been smelling mold in my apartment kitchen since moving in 2.5 years ago. Property management said it was the age of the cupboard and painted a sealer in the cupboard which seemed to help for a while but the smell came back. I thought the problem was solved when they changed the counter top last September, but with all the rain this spring, I started smelling it again in mid-May and not just in kitchen but on other side of wall in living room.

I called an environmental group who said it sounds like mold is growing in the wall. Notified property manager, but of course no response. Called Health Department who claims they don’t smell anything and said it has to be visible. Purchased a mold test kit and sent sample in for analysis. Shows three types of mold – alternaria, aureobasidium and cladosporium but spore count is not high because it is hidden. Can’t use AC because when I close window smell is worse and I am coughing. Even with all windows open, sometimes have to open balcony door. Smell is the worst early in the day while still cool.


Is there any point pursuing this with Property Management or anything I can do or should I just move?

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