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Linda in Prescott Valley, Arizona

I started getting sick in April, thought it was a cold, itchy eyes, sore throat, cough, vomiting, headaches constant tired, trouble sleeping,(cough wakes me up). In June, I moved some boxes in my bedroom, found black mold in the carpet, and boxes, had to throw out a bunch of stuff. Called my landlord, they cut a hole in the wall, fixed the leaky pipe, found mold in wall. Aug 8th my land lord send over the maintenance man to patch my wall. He put his hand in the wall and it came out very black. He called my landlord, she sent out a mold inspector, he took pics, and ran a little box over the wall and floor, it beeped like crazy, he pulled up the carpet, and found more mold. He told me I would know something in 2 days, 30 mins my landlord told me I have to move. I am sick, feel awful, she wants me to pack my stuff and move. But I will move the mold. I need help.


Can you take a histoplasma Abs, Qn, DID test for mold? Can you have mold growing in your lungs and test negative? I am scared, and do not know what to do.

Penelope in Chandler, Arizona

In 2010, I sold my Florida home and purchased a home in Chandler, AZ under an “as is” clause. I had the required inspection prior to purchase. Shortly after moving in (a couple of months), the upstairs bathroom tile cracked the length of the bathroom and I noticed some wet drywall in the garage. After six months and three plumbers later, discovered leak up in attic from upstairs shower. My symptoms grew progressively worse and have carried dx of COPD and vocal cord dysfunction. I had to leave my job in May and vacate my house and belongings at the end of May. I am still very ill and being treated by Dr McMahon in NM who follows Dr Shoemaker protocols for mold illness. Symptoms still include fatigue, severe short term memory loss and neuro-cognitive deficits, cough, breathing issues, etc. Since I have no sense of smell or taste, it is very difficult to know when I am entering public WDB. I am currently trying to find a safe place to live and get well so I can return to work.


Can a house with mold be sold “as is” as I am too sick and unable to go in and oversee any remediation? Is there any recourse against seller?

Pamela in Scottsdale, Arizona

I purchased a manufactured home in a 55 or older community. I paid cash, $35,000 and they jumped on it. As soon as I moved in I started having numerous problems. I had to put new tile in the kitchen twice and I also had to scrub with clorox (I  forgot the other product). I started getting sick all the time. Then, it happened in my bathroom. I pulled up the tile and found black mold. I had to do the same in there.

The real estate agent was well aware of these problems. Now after living here 3 years, I am on Social security Disability, I have breathing difficulties, and I had a brain aneurysm removed May of 2010. I feel like I have the flu every day with horrible headaches. I know there are not cut and dry facts on the damage mold may cause, yet I believe it is very damaging to ones health. The way I feel now tells me this.

I have no extra money to do anything. My income is one fourth of what it was when I was capable of working. I am getting worse every day and to be honest do not believe I will live much longer if in this house. I am depressed due to my energy level. I used to work out, always very active. Now sometimes I ache so bad I can not get out of bed. I am scared and no one will listen. I found out that most Doctors do not know much about mold and how it affects the body. Please, I am slowly dying, I am 53 years old and my body feels like I have had a horrible flu for about 3 years. I am stuck here because my health has become so bad I cannot work. I have noticed when I am out of here I have more energy. PLEASE SOMEONE LISTEN AND HELP ME. Is there not some way to get the real estate agent to take this house back? I have no doubt this house is full of black mold, yet no money to even test it. Thank you. I appreciate anyone that can help me.


  1. Do I have a case for suing the agent?
  2. Can I have him or the previous owners take this place back for what I paid. I have all receipts for the supplies, including the work I did myself.
  3. Is there any lawyer that will take this pro bono?

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