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Robert in Oceanside, CA

In the beginning of July 2011, we had a downstairs toilet flood. It flooded our livivng room, dining area, and kitchen. We live in a 2 story town home and have an apartment below us. When our flood happened in our down stairs bathroom, it was due to a bad valve in the toilet bowl. It ended up flooding our downstairs and went through our  neighbors roof.

He stated that water was coming thru his roof in the kitchen and living room. Well the leasing office did not fix it right away, they started to work on it Sept 12,2011. I was off that day napping on the couch downstiars and I heard them working on the unit below mine.

Later I had a severe headache, fever, shortness of breathe, no appetite, etc. I thought I had just gotten the flu. I went to my doctor and they said I had strep throat and gave me a breathing treatment for the wheezing and meds to take home with me. I didn’t think anything of it, but then I thought since it took them 2 1/2 months to fix water damage down stairs, ¬†that it might have something to due with it since I felt fine before, only after they started removing the down stairs roof did I become ill.

I had a physical for my work the Thursday prior to this event and there were no problems. My wife is sick too. So I bought a Home Depot mold test and although it’s not growing on my walls or floors, that I can see, the mold test came back positive. So it must be all airborne, and causing our illness. I sent the speciem to the lab to see what kind of mold it is, but I am still waiting for results. I’ve talked to the management office and they just say they were trying to take care of it, but with little to no effort, I told them we were sick and they just say sorry. They wont move us out and we still have 5 months on our lease. All they tell me is if it weren’t safe we would not have you in there, but they have done no mold testing of their own. They just had two guys check for moisture. I had to miss a week of work due to illness and still me and my wife are not feeling well.


What can I do while I’m waiting for mold results from the lab? Me and my wife have no money to get a hotel to get us out of the environment and we have no family to stay with. We feel trapped and have no clue what our next step should be? Can we contact an office to help us?

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