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Patricia in Palmdale, California

I am sure I have a mold problem in my mobile home. Back in the later 1990’s we had a major water leak under the kitchen sink. I woke up to what sounded like a waterfall, traveling through the dark in ankle high water I turned on the bathroom light too discover water flowing into the vent on the floor. My kitchen, closet, bathroom, and laundry room were full of water. We cleaned it the best we could with a water vac. However, I believe the damage was already done. Inside my closet you can touch the wall close to the floor and your fingers sink into the wall. Both bathrooms have damage also just from toilet leaks and so on. Rainy season is troubling also because all windows are leaking and I have mold in the walls of all bedrooms.


IS MY HOUSE READY TO BE CONDEMNED? HOW SAFE IS IT FOR US TOO LIVE HERE? I have been told I have psorasis but I’m wondering if it is due to the mold.

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