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Catherine in Wilmington, North Carolina

We just moved into a place about 4 months ago. The house is very old and the owners don’t really put the money into it to fix it they just take the easy road out for the most part, i.e.:instead of replacing siding for insulation, they completely sealed every window in the house so we cannot open any. Anyway, my roommate and I had been feeling symptoms of severe allergies right around the same time, and I have never been a sufferer of sever allergies. A number of co-workers had mold problems before so they told me to do a do-it-yourself test kit. So we did an open air test, it came back absolutly covered in white and black mold spots. We really just want to move, get our deposit back and have them take care of it. However, they are claiming that all BLACK mold isnt bad, and that this mold – which u can see coming through the shower walls was not there when we moved in because he cleaned it real well and there wasnt any mold there.


My question is that black mold cannot develop over 4 months can it? It would most likely have been there before we moved in right? And he claims that he will come and do a thorough cleaning, even though we do that, and remove it from the wall. but that won’t change anything, correct? u cannot jus clean it off right? I am 25 years old, and I wait tables, I am not tryin to get over on anyone or get out of paying rent or anythig. I do not have the money to just move and let them keep my deposit, so I am just making sure we have a case

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