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Wendy in Jellico, Tennessee

I have lived in our apartment for about 10 months, in this period my son has had pneumonia, bronchitis and some slight asthma issues, but throughout we have had leaks of different kinds such as water comes through our air vent in the bathroom when it rains and through the ventilation fan. Our a/c is outside but there is also a unit in our kitchen behind a door which has been installed backwards and no filter has ever been put in, this has leaked and leaked running water all over.

After contacting the landlord over and over he finally sent someone to repair it but it never got repaired right, they had to change the lienolium but pulled the old up and put new down using a fan to spread the mold everywhere. I got a mold test and it showed black mold(stachybotrys) and memnoniella toxic molds along with 4 other molds.

I tested because I kept feeling sick before they ever changed the lienolium like I had the flu. I still feel that way, hurt all over, sick headaches, sore throat, heavy menstrual cycles which I never had before. They just put the lienolium on top of the mold. Our bathroom has it too around the top of the walls, and there are 3 layers of lieunolium in the bathroom where they just keep covering it up.

I am scared for my family. If I say anything else to the landlord about this he is the type of person that would find some reason to throw us out, we pay our rent on time every month. We cannot right now afford to move. This place probably needs to be shut down but alot of people would be homeless..what can I do? Do i just try to move but it may be 6 months.. Do I sue? please husband has been coughing up phlegm and my daughter doesn’t have the energy she use to have.. we feel stuck!


What do we do? What is our next step?

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