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Mold Removal Products – An Overview

If you need to remove mold from your house, you want to use the right mold removal products. The good news is that small areas of mold can be easily removed with soap and water and a sponge. For bigger areas of mold, though, or persistent mold problems, you’ll need to use something stronger.

In between using soap and water and calling in the professionals with their knowledge and chemicals, there are choices like Concrobium, Safe Shield, Molderizer, Allersearch, and others that offer chemical treatment of mold and mildew. Some of them are designed to block mold and mildew from appearing at all, and some of them are designed to kill it. Ideally, a combination of killing the mold that’s there and stopping new mold from appearing is generally the best choice.

“So, What Mold Removal Products Should I Buy?”

If you aren’t sure what to use, it’s best to research several products that are available. Because mold removal products can really vary in strength, safety, and other features, you don’t just want to use the first one that you find. It might be great, but there might be something out there that’s a lot better for your particular situation and that may even end up costing you less. It’s worth doing some checking.

You should also pay close attention to what the mold removal products you’re considering are actually made with. Many contain bleach – and that’s something you can purchase on your own for a lower price. Others, though, are ‘green’ in that they are all natural, and there are also chemicals that are used by various manufacturers. If you or your family members are allergic to any kind of chemical, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s not in the mold removal products you’re considering buying. Reading labels is important.

“What About The Mold Coming Back?”

The advantage to buying cleaning products and handling the mold yourself is that you already have everything you need if the mold returns. Mold removal products are designed to get rid of the mold and stop it from coming back in a lot of cases, but whatever is causing the mold has to be corrected, as well. If you get rid of the mold but you don’t stop the leak or moisture problem that caused the mold in the first place, you’ll continue to have mold problems.

Even if the mold doesn’t come back in that same spot, it’ll still find a place to return – generally just past where the sheetrock or other substance was treated with something that is supposed to keep mold away. By taking care of the mold problem at its source, even if you need a professional to do that, you can more easily take care of the mold problem in your home. Then, no matter what mold removal products you choose, you won’t have to worry about the mold returning. You and your family will be healthier and happier in your mold-free home.

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8 thoughts to “Mold Removal Products – An Overview”

  1. We had a mold problem recently and were very concerned with BOTH getting rid of the mold and not introducing a chemical to kill the mold that would might make us or our pets ill. Mold Aid used a product called Benefect which kills mold but is not harmful to people or pets.

  2. Can mold affect pets? We have terrible mold in our mobile home. My husband has been sick for almost 2 years. He won’t do anything about the mold and says he has allergies. I am starting to get sick now with runny nose, etc. The only way to get rid of the mold would be for me to rip out the ceiling and floors. Under the house is damp and moldy also. But I am concerned about my dogs. They are acting like they are tired.

  3. We offer a way to remove mold odors and kill unwanted mold. It is 100% safe and uses no harmful chemicals. It is OSHA approved and perfectly safe for humans and pets to breathe. It is not a filtration system but rather uses positive air pressure to supply H2O2 to every room in your home. Check us out for the safest air you can breathe!

  4. I live in a condo with 140 units in it & someone living in one of the units has mold in his kitchen cabinets. How does he get rid of it?

  5. Good Morning Beverly & Terri…Had a customer who was not only able to continue to live in his home, but he was able to save all his furniture and personal belongings with our mold removal unit. It really works! Read his comments on our FaceBook page. Air & Mold Technologies.

  6. Question: If I have a small area that will be kept humid for a certain period of time, is there something I can treat it with to prevent mold from starting to grow?

  7. What is the name of the chemical that kills mold I want to know because my class is doing a protect on how to kill mold

  8. I am a 70 yr old woman. I am looking for a product that is safe to clean mold from my concrete patio and sidewalk. I want to protect my plants and my cat. I don’t think I can do much physical scrubbing or handle a pressure washer. What would you recommend?

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