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Alissa in Green Bay, WI

During a very humid time of year moisture accumulated in the home we were renting. Partly due to the fact we didn’t have our AC running and our basement was flooding every time it rained. We also had our washer leak a few times.

Attached are pictures of what the mold looked like.

First we found it in our bedroom.

We cleaned the mold with bleach- it returned.

I realized the mold was in every single room in our house.

I cleaned the surface with bleach again… Aired out the house. Turned on the AC. Got a dehumidifier in the basement as well as our washer fixed.

Since the summer I’ve been running the heat to keep the place dry.

It hasn’t come back.

However I believe I see small patches of what seems to be greenish/gray powdery mold @ our solid wood baseboards. (This is an older home from the 1930s)


Is it possible that even though the mold hasn’t technically returned in the way it had before… that it is likely in our foundation? Or is it likely surface mold and nothing to worry about if it isn’t happening?

My boyfriend doesn’t want to go through the hassle of alerting the landlord again and forcing him to have a mold inspection done. I would like to do that however.

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