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Brenda in Edina, Missouri

I work in the basement of a courthouse and there is one room that has carpet in it. Recently water flooded the basement, which it has done in the past. I’ve shampooed and cleaned the carpet but there is still an odor, musty, cat urine type odor. We have had fans sitting in the room for a week but the smell has never changed. My co-worker and I have complained of headaches for some time. We both said we can come to work with no headache and by mid morning it’s full blown and nothing seems to help. I put in 40 hours a week, so no way I can get away from it, other symptoms I have are itchy dry eyes-like a film over my eyes and upset stomach, would these be symptoms related to mold?


My question is would it be best to have the carpet removed? I’m getting some , “I don’t know if we can do that” what should I do?

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One thought to “Brenda in Edina, Missouri”

  1. Brenda, if you’ve experienced flooding in the past there’s a good chance that the basement has become an ideal environment for mold growth. I encourage you to press for having the carpet remove and, in general, press for them to order a test for mold. Be polite about it and persistent – the health of you and your coworkers is vitally important.

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