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Corey in Peabody, MA

I moved in with my mother last september. After 7 months of living I recently found out it is an illegal apartment and also has black mold. I put most of my money in this apartment so I’m now broke. I have to be out in a couple weeks now and no place to stay. Do I have a case at all?

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3 thoughts to “Corey in Peabody, MA”

  1. Corey, a couple of questions. What do you mean an illegal apartment? Have you had the black mold tested? Do you or your mother have any medical symptoms associated with your living in the apartment?

  2. I called up a lawyer who was said to be involved in mold litigation.
    It was very enlightening.
    He told me straight out “I am paid to crush people like you”

    He explained quite forthrightly that the quality of your case has very little to do with whether you will prevail. It comes down to whether you have the financial resources and persistence to outlast delaying tactics and perpetual prevarication.

    They know that if you do not, they don’t have to beat you.
    It’s just a matter of waiting for you to give up.

  3. @Erik – Thank you for your feedback. That is a sad, but very often true state of things. You often have to avoid going to court unless you can afford to win.

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