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Dalila in Derby, CT

I have complained to my landlord from the first week of moving in April 2015, about the ventilation system being dirty filled with lots of dust and making me sick. I am extremely allergic. They said no because I owe last month’s rent. After studying and searching I read that they are only allowed to have 2 months security and first month’s rent. Which they had. I called the health department and they came out, noticed other violations, but stated they cannot force the landlord to clean vents. 3 months passed Repairs were never made. Rent was paid, repairs not completed. July 7, I had fallen on the stairs. In the process of being seen at the hospital for the fall, the doctors checked me for a consistent cough. I had bronchitis. I reported this to the health department. Landlord fixed stairs but not vents. There was a mildew smell inside the apartment. I reported to the health department, inspector along with landlord checked the basement and found the water heater was leaking. It was replaced that same day. After work that day I went to the basement and noticed mold all over the place. I reported this to health department again. Landlord “cleaned” mold with vinegar and accused me of puncturing a hole in the water heater. The health department closed the case. Co-worker advised that it most likely was not remediated well. I paid to have a mold test done. Result was extremely high levels of mold in the air in the basement, some levels on the first floor and extremely high levels advanced mold in the vents. Now, I haven’t paid rent for July or August, due to being ill, paying medical bills and paying for the environmental test to be done. I have gone to court and made a stipulated agreement to leave in October. When speaking to the mediator, I informed her, the work that was done was not complete. She said I would have to speak to the health department regarding the issues. After court I had spoken to Rita of the Valley Health Department, gave her the environmental report. I asked if she can make sure that the apartment is safe and healthy for the next tenant. She stated there was nothing she can do and she will add the environmental report to her file.

I have a feeling that the landlord will not disclose the mold in the lease or inform the new tenants.

Not only did I get sick, but lost a personal property that I can’t replace right now, such as winter clothes and shoes.


How can I make sure the next family doesn’t go through this or even worse. The new tenants will be using the heat and they will be breathing in all that mold in the vents. Isn’t there something that can be done? Unable to upload photos, there are saved as pdf files. I have all reports.

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