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Joann in San diego

by Jonathan

17027 Bernardo center dr san diego ca 92128 his letter is in regards to inhumane living conditions as a result improper running water. The condo has been without sustainable water since December 9th 2015 and no prompt resolution has been provided. It is inhumane to force someone to live under such conditions and against California laws. This inconvenience has caused much stress and duress to me and my family. I am not in good health and this is taking a toll on the little health I have. This bickering back and forth as to who is going to address the problem does not eliminate the issue at hand. Such living conditions with limited water usage are unfair and illegal.
I am unable to attend a funeral and I am not able to enjoy the Holidays due to the inconvenience and impact of disruption this had caused.
Since such matters were not addressed in a timely manner, I will have no other option than to pursue legal action against all responsible parties.noble Joann Reed el natural person authorized representative U.C.C. 1-207/ -308,U.C.C..1-103 without prejudice or all right reserved and address 17027 Bernardo center dr San Diego 92128 unit B/ CALL ANY TIME 773-457-3882 / WE WERE BEING PUT UNDER THREAT,DURESS,AND COERCION, ETC declared Violation and now they fixing it it Aug 2016 and I been asking from Dec 2015 I had to call the city code people’s to help me and it still a maintenance problems in this condo still and the mold did make us,sick and etc


We fear fear Our Lives the landlord fix to help us start a retaliation against us because I reported her to and them different peoples and we still ask the to help us and they did everything in BAD FAITH AND keep us in your pray I would get a nice he is sick did you spell my son with having seizures and e etcetera

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