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JoAnne in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

HI my name is JoAnne. I just recently found a whole lot of mold in my basement covering all over my belongings table, chairs, baby items, desk, floor. I am so concerned because I have 3 little kids 8,3, and 6 1/2 months. I can not live like this for my kids health and I noticed my baby has been very congested for over a month no running nose just hard to breath and our bedroom is over the basement. I really need the help badly. We don’t have the money to fix the problem and we can not afford to move please help me I am at my breaking point I do not want my family living in this house with this problem and having serious medical problems thank you for letting me share my story.


Can the mold creep up to the main living area from the basement? How do I tell if I have mold throughout the whole house?

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2 thoughts to “JoAnne in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania”

  1. JoAnne, I am sorry to hear about your mold problem. I’m sure that it has been causing you a lot of stress. Do you own the home or are you renting? Is there anyone who can help you go in and clean out the moldy belongings? Hang in there, JoAnne.

  2. joanne,

    Is the mold visible? Does it smell like mold in the basement or anyplace else? Many times, the whole structure needs to be treated in cases of contaminatin. This is because spores get carried in the air,through the ductwork, on clothing, on items you bring up and down from the basement, etc. Since health issues are evident, it is most likely toxigenic, meaning it is hazardous to health. the first thing to do is find out what species of mold it is, and how much contamination there is. A qualified inspector can do this for you for about $1500.00. Please do not do NOTHING, as mold will continue to grow and continue to cause more and more health issues if not addressed. If you cannot afford the inspection and/or testing, you can try diffusing Thieves Oil, which kills most types of spores, but mycotoxin effect is sometimes still an issue as dead mold can be just as hazardous as live mold.

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