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Kaayla in Surrey, British Columbia

by Jonathan

My family (husband, two dogs and two cats) and myself had rececently move – we found a place which we thought was absolutely perfect! On an acreage in the city, gorgeous tall cedars and a creek down below. What could be more perfect for the dogs! Lo and behold, our landlord neglected to mention that he has one heck of a moisture problem in his basement and kept blaming it on the surrounding grounds. The musty smell was the first indication and the fact my husband who is diabetic was having a hard time breathing. I kept getting nosebleeds. This was all within the first 3 weeks. We had a mold test done (a kit bought from Home Depot) and we had the 3 most common molds found, the black mold being the least.


We pointed out the problem to him on many occasions and my husband even went so far as to show him the whitish patches on the floor boards and joices downstairs stating this was mold and that he needs to remediate the situation. That was 3 weeks ago! He has done nothing. We are pumping out over a gallon of water per day with the dehumidifer he lent us – at least it keeps the smell at bay.

On June 30, I get the pleasure of giving my slumlord a Notice of Vacate as we bought a house and are moving in July 22! I feel absolutely sorry for the people that rent this place, nice looking on the inside, pretty surroundings but comes with a silent and harmful gift!



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Jonathan June 29, 2011 - 8:02 pm

Kaayla, we’re very glad to hear that you and your family were able to get out! How long were you in the place? Did you have a lease contract?


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