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kathy in the villages Fl 32162,

I paid cash for a villa in the villages lady lake florida 32162 in 2001,I got sick the day I moved in, broke out in huge spots on my skin and looked horrible, later I was diagnosed as having lupus but there was no history of family lupus,I knew there was something else wrong in that place.Unusual illness my dogs and husband were ill as well and they all died within 18 months.Shortly aftrer my husbands death I hired a specialist that deterimined that faulty construction was also present,no ductwork was put in but insulation was blown into the attic so there was free flowing insulation constantly,the property was under warranty but there was a horrible cover up by the villages because they did not want to be held accountable.I am now dying from cancer cfs,lyme disease,RA,histoplasmosis and several other autoimmune diseases,my life is HELL.I hired an attorney Mark Gallagher from St.Petersburg who really came to me to take the case and then convieiently dropped me when I spent 8 months of being unable to speak. I worked hard and had an 850 credit score thought I was set for life ,I have lost everything, even my husbands ashes, because of cross contamination I have lost 2 other places and ALL my personal belongings.My life actually ended july1 2001 and I just keep paying the price, its a horror story that wont end til I take my last breath


how can I find an attorney with a backbone to recover money rightfully mine and show The Villages and Mark Gallagher it’s an absolute sin what they have done to me

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  1. Kathy,

    I feel for you so completely. I almost died because of toxic black mold poisoning I got from living in a beautiful home in SWFL. Cancer of several organs, Crohn’s, RA, I had to walk away from everything I ever owned and loved and couldn’t touch anything I owned that was ever in the mold infested house(the mold was in the ducts of the house and despite them replacing the HVAC unit, they didn’t replace all of the duct work and as you know, it only takes one little spore to reinfect). I moved to a cold climate and had to finally find a Dr. who would listen to me because I’d self diagnosed with toxic black mold poisoning after 5 years of Dr’s who thought I was crazy and tons of meds and illnesses and hair loss and the loss of my sanity it felt like, divorce, animals dying..the list goes on…had to start over with brand new everything which was hard to do as you know.. and I don’t know for certain that this firm will take your case, but I do know they fight hard for people in situations like this.. have you ever spoken to anyone from Morgan and Morgan? I don’t know if they run ads up in the Villages, it’s several hours from Fort Myers, but I think that if anyone would actually help you, honey, John Morgan would.

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