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Kelley in NH

[email protected] Hi good morning, I am hoping that someone will be able to help us. I am turning to you desperately seeking someone to finally help us resolve this horrible situation we are experiencing at our current residence. Her is my story: We have been living here at 1 Fairway Drive, Derry, NH for approximately 3 years and the first year we didn’t have any real issues. But on October 15th 2015 our lives were turned upside down. We first thought we had a flea problem as we found 1 flea on our cat, in which was taken care of right away. However a day after we started experiencing bites, and began inspecting our “below-grade” apartment, only to witness small insects jumping in our carpets. We contacted the office right away and they responded by flea bombing our apartment, hallway and public laundry room. We spoke with other residents of 1 Fairway Drive only to find out that others also had been having similar issues. Their pets too had fleas, one couple had drain flies and fruit flies, another resident admitted to having fleas and instead of contacting the office they bombed their own apartment with store bought product, and it goes on! They even buried a dead rabbit in the back of the building! We thought we were ok but our symptoms continued and got worse. We ended up going to our doctors on several occasions with no avail, diagnosed with possible dermatitis, scabies, and then pinworms. We had no improvement with treatment. I believe we never even had any of these diagnosis. However something was consistently aggravating our skin and at the worst times we were pulling what looked like fleas, or again some type of insect from our skin with tweezers. This has been so traumatizing I can’t even begin to express how bad it has been. We have spent countless hours and spent crazy amounts of our money ( which we don’t make much) on replacing items that have been ruined, such as Clothing, furniture, and food just to name a few. We had to purchase tons of cleaning products to somehow disinfect this disgusting apartment. We finally collected specimens from our skin lesions and brought them to the UNH entomologist who stated that there were some grain beetles but mostly nothing that would cause our skin infections. At this point we seriously thought we were going crazy! We contacted the office again and they sent out their contracted pest control company to check for bed bugs, again to NO avail. They agreed to rip up our living room carpet which had black stains and sludge seeping up through from God knows where! They replaced the carpet with “faux” hardwood flooring. Which also continues to collect black sludge seeing up through. We can’t walk barefoot anywhere otherwise our feet become black and its very hard to clean off. With months passing things had gotten worse if you can even believe that! More doctor appointments, and serious health problems experienced by myself, husband and son. They include but are not limited to skin irritations, respiratory problems, headaches, irritability, sleeping problems, eye irritation ( pink eye ), our son has become aggressive and angry, nausea, vomiting and more. Other tenants have also expressed how they have experienced viral and bacterial infections. With more research, continued symptoms, and a lack of concern from the Apartment Management, we believe there is toxic black mold that engulfs this entire building. Here is a list of other issues that have also been a HUGE problem: – [ ] Pest control confirms thousands of Norway rats live behind building ( not confirmed tone inside however there is indicating signs that they do. – [ ] Electrical issues – [ ] Septic system problems: bathroom sink leaks, toilet clogs constantly and overflows onto floor which even after cleaning is very unhealthy – [ ] A/C has never been cleaned and blows out dirt – [ ] Kitchen sink leaks – [ ] Black carpets even after cleaning – [ ] Our walls have cut-outs as if they have had years of problems but deny they have piping or damage inside walls – [ ] The vents outside building have birds nests in them which can cause several blockage problems causing mites to get in through vents that blow out not suck in – [ ] We noticed dead flies, water damaged walls, leak stains in ceilings and in hallways. – [ ] Carpets are so lose you can pull them up revealing a very disturbing sight. We eventually contacted the town Building inspectors Bill Mackie and Bob Wentworth along with the health inspector Courtney Boegart who finally all came out to investigate the building to see if there is any code violations. A week later we received a call stating that they saw no code violations however Courtney Boegart stated she wished we hadn’t re-signed our lease. I believe due to the revenue the Fairways brings in for the town of Derry, they are all in kahoots with each other and therefore won’t risk losing the money they bring in so they all deny any issues. The final straw was just recently, when myself and other tenants have witnessed rats behind the building. There are thousands of Norway rats ( confirmed by the Fairways management team’s contracted pest control company.)they placed 1 rat bait box under our bedroom window and never reached out to us on the problem any further. We still notice rats. We also have caught a local Carpet company that continues to clean ” a ton of leaks in this building ” as the cleaner states, and then empties the contaminated water into our sewer drain located in the parking lot. I have contacted the office providing pictures and video, who said they would resolve this problem, however it continues to happen. Also, 2 weeks ago, when our bathroom vent began pouring water out onto our bathroom floor. Only to discover the leak was from the third floor that had been an ongoing issue due to a resident ignoring their own bathroom leaking problem. They opened up the bathroom ceiling revealing soaked wood, black toxic mold, and who knows what else. We are absolutely literally and figuratively sick and tired and are considering contacting a lawyer. Our lease is up in February, and at this point we are in search for a new place. We will move ASAP but this problem is above and beyond anything I ever could imagined. We have an appointment for our son to be tested for black mold poisoning. We are at our wits end and don’t know who else to reach out to for help. We have contacted the EPA, and unfortunately there are ok regulations on mold, we have requested the below-grade apartment to be tested for mold as well as test the air quality. However these tests are beyond expensive. I am on disability and do not have the resources to have anyone to come out to test for these issues. Until we can actually find a new healthy, and safe place to live we continue to suffer the effects from living in this nasty, unhealthy, and dirty apartment..we are at a loss and seriously pray that someone can help investigate this issue before it’s too late. We have thousands of pictures and videos we can provide as proof of what we are enduring. I have provided a few just to give you an idea of the horrific nightmare we face, if you are able to help us obviously you will have access to any and all of the emails, videos, medical notes and pictures we have for proof of our situation. Even though we may be leaving, we still want answers to why this is happening, who is responsible, do we have the rights to restitution for all of the trauma, time, and money lost during the past year from Hell. We also have concern for the other tenants who live here. Everyone deserves a healthy safe place to live especially those with children. This building is a hazard and I want it to be resolved. If you can and want to help please contact me Kelley Conley at 603-260-4510 or at [email protected]

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