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Linda in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We own a beautiful old sail boat and we keep it at the dock behind our home. South Florida is a very damp location. We used all types of suggestions to fight the mold that used to grow on our boat. We cleaned with white vinegar and soap, but the mold always came back. Running the air conditioning only slows the return. About three years ago, we discovered a tea tree product that made a real difference. Not only did it stop the mold growth but prevented the return for almost 60 days. The big problem was the stuff is very expensive and smells like bad pine oil, not good at all. Then about 6 months ago we discovered a new product made from essential oils and it has a delightful lemon minty fragrance. Best of all it lasts much longer, up to 120 days and costs less. The two products are Kanberra Gel (selling for $49.99 plus S&H) and the other newer product is PURAFY AIR gel (selling for $39.90 plus S&H). Both 8 ounce products can be purchased on line and we have eliminated the mold problem on the boat. We also keep open containers in our home to eliminate odors from all sources including dog, cat and cooking odors. The PURAFY AIR gel, in our home lasts up to three months and odors don’t return for up to 4 months even when the gel has all evaporated out of the container.

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6 thoughts to “Linda in Fort Lauderdale, Florida”

  1. Dear Linda, We have helped people with similar situations on their boats. We offer a unit that will easily fit in your air conditioning system and provide you with treated air that will kill the mold and keep it from returning. No more messy products. Check us out at Our systems are safe and affordable.

  2. We just treated mildewy cushion zippers with a tea tree oil/water mix and a toothbrush. It seemed to disappear after a few hours in the sun, I too, am seeking natural cleaners and low or no voc paint products- especially with kids. I’m learning to like the smell of tea tree oil. LOL
    Thanks for the info

  3. Thanks for the info on tea tree oil! I will look into that! Please share if you come across more natural mold cleaners. We have used Yolo paint on our house, which is supposed to be low VOC and non-toxic.

  4. You should check out SafeTAir. It is a Tea Tree based product – all natural – that works! Available from several on-line sources nd much less expensive than the alternatives you mentioned. Their product would be a worthwhile blog topic for future articles.

  5. There are many natural mold cleaners that are safe to use for certain types of mold. Like Mark said, SafeTAir is one of them, however, there are some types of mold that can’t be treat with natural product but instead must be eradicated. As a water damage restoration and mold expert, I have seen first hand how destructive mold can be to both a structure as well as to a person’s health. Please be safe when dealing with mold and take all the necessary precautions, I would recommend to have it inspected and professionally treated. You can find out more about water damage and mold over at my website, visit for more information.

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