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Marissa in Providence, Rhode Island

by Jonathan

We lived in a big house and my basement had a laundry room that was right under my upstairs bathroom. I just had a new baby and I already had a one year old. The laundry was getting out of control because I was the only one doing six people’s laundry. So it piled up in the laundry room day after day. When I finally got around to it I noticed it was soaking wet and smelled like mildew. Come to find out my bathroom upstairs had a leak that we didn’t know about and caused the clothes to get wet.

We moved from that house and there was to many clothes to wash so I just bagged them up, damp and all, and left them in my new house’s basement. When I started going through them once I had the time I washed and washed them and the smell never came out. They’re such good clothes. I don’t want to throw them away but I feel like I have no other choice. There’s a lot of baby clothes that I wanted to use for my new baby as hand me downs, but with that smell not coming out I’m afraid to put them on the new baby. Please help me there has to be a way to get this prolonged smell out!


How can I get this mildew/mold smell out?
Will it be safe to use these clothes again, especially on a new baby?
Do I have to use an expensive laundry detergent to get the smell out?

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