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Melissa in San Antonio

When moving into our apartments we noticed there was a small leak in the kitchen sink and asked for it to be fixed our move in date was moved back in order for this to get addressed by the second move in date it was still not fixed long story short we moved in March 19, 2016 they never fixed the leak after multiple work orders were submitted some of the orders were even marked as completed even though that had not yet even gone to see it. The leak later got worse and resulted in mold. Me and my children got very sick because of it we didnt know we were sick becuse of the mold we didnt even know that could happen until i went into the drs which i had done for months trying to figure out what was wrong with me and they finally were able to diagnose that i was having a severe allergic reaction to mold. My symptoms were vomiting Neausia diarreaha weight lose hair lose shortness of breath low blood pressure extreme fatigue bone and joint pain a also developed a sinus infection because of it. My sons also became very ill. They had multiple bacterial infections and allergy like symptoms such as runny nose fever sneezing coughing etc.
We then addressed the apts of thebissue i turn in all our medical paper work which at first they asked for because they said we needed to prove that we were sick because of the mold. After turning them in they said that didnt matter because the dr was not an inspector and couldnt say for sure that their was mold in our apartment. My dr did let me know 1 stay away from the environment because im only going to get worse and 2 mold is not a problem that can be fixed so if they say its fixed its not. It grows within the walls which ours had and is in the vents so i will be breathing it in. We have not been staying there for 2 weeks and i am doing so much better as well as my children. Yet we wont be let out of our lease and are still being expected to pay for an apartment we are not able to live in because of a problem they caused. I am looking for what to do such as how to legally get out of our lease. I have all of the proof i need pictures of the mold work orders submitted and proof they lied about it being completed (the date it said submitted is before the date i took the picture of the mold) meaning the mold still had not been taken care of nor the leak.


What can i do to legally get out of my lease? Without having to pay so much in fees. I have already spent alot of money on all our drs visits ive been in and out since April 2016 it is now September 2016. I also spent money on having to relocate and paying now at 2 different places

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