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Ray in KY

Mr. Buffett’s company sold us our nightmare,,, we were in this home 2 mths and got sick,,, very sick. Bleeding, headaches, dizzyness, coughing, this was in 05,, still today we have ongoing health probs, nothing can be done about this,, no doctors will see us,,no lawyers will help,, the ones we did get ripped us off for $17.000 , hard telling what else they got,,, we lost everything in the home , land and all,,, then had too enter a $104.000 mortgage on a house that is a joke trying to find a safe place to live ,,cause of all the allergies we now have mostly food,,, we pack epi-pins in case of shock, how can junk like this happen ? I have contacted ever one I know to contact, here and other states,,, in ky we have laws and no law ether, just a very, very sad story and a truth as to how this place can treat it’s own people.. Thanks

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