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Teri in Mojave, CA

Our nextdoor neighbor in our building had a grease fire last month and the water from the fire sprinklers seeped under our shared kitchen wall and got everything wet. The kitchen floor was so soaked that it had started lifting. A couple of days after this had happened, we noticed a terrible musty smell coming from our kitchen. I called and complained about it and they replaced the floor, but the smell was still there.

The management company sent in a person to come in and pull all of the kick boards up from the front of the cabinets. There was mold covering all of the base wood holding the cabinets in place. They were supposed to have them replaced, but the guy put a new kick board in front of it. How is that taking care of the mold? I think that there is mold inside the wall behind my stove, when I informed the managers about this, they wrote a note regarding this and that is all. Nothing has happened since I complained.

My poor daughter is covered in hives from the light smell of mold in our unit and I don’t know where to start. I called her doctor, but she can’t get in to she her until the end of the month and I see that she has a lot of the symptoms of mold exposure. We all have symptoms and I am so tired of it. I would just like to know what I can do to finally get rid of this once and for all so that I can have my healthy family back.

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2 thoughts to “Teri in Mojave, CA”

  1. Teri, if at all possible, I strongly suggest that you and your family leave the place as quickly as you’re able. Fighting mold is a difficult battle and should only be undertaken by folks who really know what their doing and your management has clearly shown, so far, that they don’t. The symptoms will usually only get worse with time and the quicker you are able to get your family in a safe location, the better.

    Also, as difficult as it will be, you need to avoid taking belongings with you that have suffered from mold damage. I will leave those with more experience to weigh in on the specifics – cross-contamination is a serious matter and something to be aware of, though.

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