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Tonnia Lynn in Blountsville, Alabama

I live in a government apt. I have been here about 3 years. At least 4-5 times over the course of my living here there has been major water leaks. The water where it drains from the washer into the wall & outside backs up into the house. It floods my kitchen & goes through the wall into my bedroom. The entire apt is tiled. It has happened again. The tiles around the washer will no longer stick & as my son moved the washer filled with water out from the wall we noticed mold. The apt’s handyman has “fixed” it several times in the past. He says it also affects another building. Home office will not let him break concrete & dig up the bad pipes & replace them. These apts have been here since the 60’s I think. I am disabled. I have had 76 surgeries & this is extremely dangerous to my health. I cannot just up & move with no where to go. I am on home health & they are here several times a week. What are my options here in Alabama? I am going to speak with the landlord tomorrow about this new incident. My grandbabies, youngest is 3 are over here all the times & I know it’s not good for children or suppressed immune systems? Do they have to move me to another apt if one is available at their own expense or put me up in a hotel until repairs can be made?


there is also black colored mold underneath the baseboard. Also since my bedroom backs to this & it has flooded into my bebroom sever times I would bet there is mold in the walls

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