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Trisha in Albany ky

We moved to our dream home in Jan 2013. It was on the same street I grew up on. We rented it for $350.00 a month. Within the first month my four year old daughter became ill. She had major allergy symptoms and croup. We could not get her well. We kept her on medication and nothing helped. She had strep six times in three months. We needed allergy testing but could not get her well enough to do testing. This went on for months. While caring for our sick child we failed to notice our own symptoms. My husband lost his hair and went deaf in his right ear. I became pregnant and miscarried within the 4th week. We were all depressed and withdrawn.
June 2014 a neighbors grandson came over to play and within 15-20 minutes became gravely ill and had to be rushed away for urgent care. His doctor advised grandmother to inform me something BAD was in our home. I got a mold test kit and the air sample came back within 48 hours. Landlord has denied knowing but a preachers family almost died from living in this same house. The tenant before us was there a year and became depressed, he committed suicide the day after he moved. We now have an attorney and filing lawsuit. We lost everything. Any info anyone can give me would be appreciated. Advice too!

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  1. Hello Trisha, Everything stated here is classic mold contamination and poisoning. Thank the LORD that this child’s doctor knew enough to advise in this matter. Of course the landlord needs to be accountable. In more cases than not, this does not happen. I hope that you have a very savvy lawyer and that he can help you recoup your financial losses. The loss of life is another factor in battling the monster known as ‘toxigenic’ mold. Mycotoxins create huge problems especially with brain issues.

  2. Trisha,
    What a story! Like Chrissy says, all symptoms of classic mold poisoning. Deafness in one ear could be a sinus infection, probably an antibiotic-resistant biofilm of staph and aspergillus.
    I also lost my hair in clumps during the worst of it. That may be related to thyroid dysfunction or zinc deficiency, both of which are taxed during poisoning.
    You have moved, right? Did you bring all your belongings with you? If so, they may be contaminated. I’m battling that right now, especially in the laundry room.

  3. Hello I had a baby last year in march of 2013 3 weeks after the c section I became very ill started with a flu then severe vertigo the lightheaded sweating naueas high heart rate low bp ;( my baby has now become very ill doctors blew me off telling me I had post Pardum depression out me on tons of meds by this point I had amnesia blurred vision severe head pressure now after a year an 7 months I got tested for mold an have very high levels of black mold in me as well as the baby;( can anyone help I am desperate ? Did anyone have vertigo / balance issues? Did it get better?

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