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Valerie in Houston, Texas

I didn’t know what was wrong with me for the longest time. I would randomly feel dizzy, nauseous, anxious to say the least. One day the symptoms were unbearable. I was so dizzy that I thought I would become unconscious. I was vomiting. My brain was foggy. I was experiencing extreme anxiety attacks and I never had history of anxiety attacks. I almost went to the emergency room but instead I scheduled an appointment with the doctor. The doctor didn’t know what was wrong with me. He prescribed me promethazine and sent me home. I took a week off work after that. I thought maybe it was that I was allergic to something or maybe I was drinking too much so I changed my diet and stopped drinking and started to exercise if I could stand it. I knew there was still something wrong with me because even though I changed my diet I was still feeling the symptoms. I went out of town one week and I felt better. I just so happen to run into somebody that had just experienced mold poisoning. It was fate. Everything that she had just experienced was similar or exactly the same as to what I was currently going through. She told me what to do, how to test for mold and what to eat. I had a roof leak in my apartment for several months so it made sense that there would be the possibility of mold would be in my apartment. An at home mold test proved positive for mold. I also chose the option of sending it off to see what specific mold I had . I removed myself from the apartment, changed my diet and quit drinking. My health dramatically increased. Although it has been a long road to recovery I am still not 100%. It has been several months and I am still experiencing symptoms on bad days, maybe when I eat things I’m not supposed to or if it rains on and off. Although the difference from what I used to feel and what I feel now is immense, I feel much better. I need to starve the mold out of my body in order to completely eradicate this and become completely healthy. It is difficult because I love Mexican food and I love beer so sometimes I cheat but eventually I hope to feel the way I used to feel and be the healthy me I used to be.


I would like to know how long this takes to eradicate. Also what are the health repercussions? Will I have lifelong effects and will this change my health forever?

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