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The Easiest Ways to Detect and Prevent Carpet Mold

by BrianReeves
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Hidden Mold

Mold is a serious problem. It is known to cause respiratory problems and other health issues. Detecting and removing mold is difficult because it tends to show up anywhere that water does. Carpet mold is very serious. It often develops beneath the carpet fibers. This makes it hard to detect. A leak in one part of a house can trickle into another. This leads to nearly invisible carpet mold.


Detecting Carpet Mold

Some carpets are visibly moldy. They may look like white, black or green splashes on the carpet. These carpets need to be discarded. Carpets that are completely soaked probably have mold. A plumber might need to check for any leaky pipes within the walls. Wet carpeting must be cleaned and dried within 48 hours to ensure that mold has been completely removed. Mold in carpets is usually beyond repair. Professional cleaners may be able to quickly dry the carpet. They usually have the necessary equipment needed for fast mold remediation.

Mold usually has a distinct smell. The unique smell of mold is unforgettable. If you see mold within your house, you may want to quickly smell it. You’ll be able to recognize it more easily in the future. There are a few different types of mold. Black mold is the most toxic. Those with black mold in house should get it removed immediately. It often appears in carpets and on walls. Black mold is dangerous because it is heavily associated with respiratory issues. It usually resembles black splotches in the carpet. It can also trail up against walls in thick lines. The circular patterns in black carpet mold may resemble burn marks.

How to Kill Mold

Killing mold in a carpet is almost impossible. Carpet mold usually seeps all the way through the fibers. It is better to focus on mold prevention and keep carpet clean. Carpets are less likely to visibly develop mold than other parts of the house. This is why mold detection is the key to prevention. Those looking to kill mold and mildew should consider hiring professionals because there are health risks involved. Home cleaning methods may make the mold less visible, but the spores will still be embedded in the carpet.

Preventing Carpet Mold


The one major cause of mold is moisture. Reducing the humidity within a house is the best way to ensure mold goes away forever. You may want to invest in a dehumidifier. These are designed to suck moisture out of the air. Make sure that there aren’t any leaks within your house. Broken air conditioners and leaky bathroom pipes may create puddles that result in mold. Never install carpet in your basement. Mold grows the most in places that are dark and damp. Mold prevention is harder in areas that are humid. Vigilant homeowners should regularly look for signs of mold.

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Eli Richardson November 21, 2019 - 7:10 am

I’m so glad you pointed out that soaked carpets could probably have mold. My brother replaced his sewage pump and flooded part of his basement. I better let him know to call a professional because eh might have mold growing under his carpet.


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