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A Personal Mold Story

by Joslyn

The Effects of Mold


Here’s an exerpt from an interesting story of a man named Wayne. Its his personal story and battle with mold.

My trouble started in childhood with my eyes.

They were always itching, especially when I tried to sleep. After a while I developed a nevus on my eye — a hardened blister formation on the white part.

It did not interfere with my vision, but it wasn’t pretty. Eventually I had the nevus surgically removed. I vividly remember the whole procedure. My eyes were wide open.

That night, I went out on my first date with Cynthia, the woman who would later become my wife. During the date, I remember making Cynthia sit on the side of the theater (instead of in the middle seats), so I could turn my eyes and still see the movie, thus relieving the discomfort of having the suture in the corner of my eye.

To read the rest of Wayne’s story visit Dr. Greene.Com

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Fredrick Burbank April 21, 2012 - 3:30 am

I’m not sure if mine is mold although from what I’ve been told and read I believe it is or something just as serious. I live in this old house that was converted to a duplex (illegally I’m being told now)for a little over 3 yrs now, a little over 2 and a half yrs ago I got Cellulitis in both my lower legs confirmed by 2 civilian doctors and 2 doctors at the V.A. Hospital near where I live. during this time my legs have remained somewhat swollen, hot, red and painful. On 4/10/2012 I noticed (and felt) that my left leg had swollen to at least twice (if not more) the size it had been and was very painful and a vivid reddish, purple color so I called my doctor at the V.A. and was told to get to the emergency room ASAP, so I dialed 911 and off I went. They took blood, did their tests and admitted me. My veins are hard to find so after 8 attempts to find a vein they put a pic line in me and for 5 days they pumped a very strong antibiotic through me, 3 bags (I believe) the 1st couple of days then 2 a day after that, each bag taking approximately 2 hrs to empty. By the 16th of April the swelling was gone in not just the left leg but both of them although my left leg is still a weird purple color, so they let me come home, with a very heavy duty oral antibiotic to be taken 3 times a day for the next ten. I felt pretty good till I got home and opened my door and walked inside and was overwhelmed by whatever, my BP dropped to around 87/63 and I felt like I was going to die, the next day my BP came up but I stayed in bed, keeping my leg elevated and trying to sleep. Later on I got up and went outside and felt good but as soon as I came back inside I felt sick again, nothing I eat or drink tastes right so I can’t finish a meal, even my favorite foods and drinks don’t taste good except for maybe a bite or two and a drink. This morning I went out with some friends and felt great but when we come back here I opened the door, walked to my chair, sat down and got dry heaves for about 5 minutes and now my leg is starting to swell again. I know there is mold in here as you cannot only smell it but I have seen it, plus there are several other health and safety code violations going on here. I’ve been asking the landlord for a year now to please fix these problems, he always says he will, but doesn’t but he does jack up my rent another $50.00 I told him about me going to the hospital and the mold, but he says there is no mold here. I talked to him yesterday and today and he told me if I didn’t like it then I should move out. He then gave me a 60 day notice to vacate the premises. I now know what a “slumlord” is!!
Thank You,
Sincerely, Fredrick Burbank

Theresa May 10, 2012 - 4:21 pm

Advice Urgently needed!
My daughters, age 21 and 19, rented their first apartment a month ago and we believe it is infested with mold but can not get the management to test or admit the problem. The 21 year old has moved back home and is very ill. We are very concerned. have no health insurance. We can not get anyone to take us seriously. How can we detox her? How can we force the apartment to be tested and keep others from going through this hell

james February 1, 2016 - 5:50 am

I live in an apartment complex in Northridge, California. Out of kindness I wont mention the name right now but i lived here going on 3 years . Ever since I lived here nothing but problems with apartment and semi-rude non caring attittudes from managers. The building is a poor design with no windows in the back only a small window by front door the just the sliding door to the patio at the front of the apartment. So is next to impossible to get good cross ventilation in this place. I been seeing many spots that keep showing up on the carpets. The first few times I seen them I thought was because I spilled something there so I just clean the up with Resolve carpet cleaner. Then in a few months I see more spots and I clean them up again. All during this time my health seems to be declining. Overall, I feel lousy most of the time. Just s few weeks ago out od the blue I get this itchy red stuff on my foot, ankle and lower leg all red a swollen called cellulitis. It got infected and the infection went to my blood then to my kidneys . After a lot of antibiotics and some homeopathic remedies it has cleared up some. Now on my left arm where I use to wear my watch is another red skin problem about the size of a 50 cent piece that does not go away. Other areas of my skin on face and neck have like a burning sensation that comes and goes. I just contacted the manintenance here and told them I suspect mold in here am waiting for them to contact me back. I do all that I can to prevent mold in here I towel dry the bathroom after shower. I run the bathroom ceiling fan, I run the AC fan only for like 2 hours. I open the small window and patio door to let air in this place and I keep the place clean and vacuumed thats about all I can do on my own. I am hoping they dont try to blame me if there is a mold problem in here. The carpet and pad underneath should be replaced and soon. They need to check my AC/heater vents and air ducts too because when I turn on the heater I smell a musty smell might be there is mold in the AC ducts too, I dont know. If they dont want to help me about this I might have to get a lawyer and sue them.

MLW July 14, 2017 - 3:51 pm

I live in an old house in renting in Bixby Oklahoma. It has taken me 2 yrs or so to put all the little pieces of the puzzle together and then it started making perfect sense. Bixby is know for flooding waters. When you purchase a home here most generally flood insurance is a requirement. With that being said you know I’m probably a victim of black mold and I am. My whole family is however my youngest 14yrs and myself 40 yrs are the only two to have major medical issues because of it. Since we have lived here he’s been diagnosed with asthma and has to have allergy shots on a regular basis. He gets so stopped up with aconstant runny nose.. sneezing itchy eyes. I myself have a cpap machine is sleep with and sometimes the highest setting isn’t enough. My circulation is horrible. My legs and feet swell 3 times normal. I have no idea joint issues that sometimes are unbearable. I have internal organ effects… had to have my right ovary removed because of a mass growing on it the size of a newborn babyies head! I cant breath without becoming short of breath when I get up to walk. I cannot get anyone to listen to me! I cant afford to have it professionaly tested. How do I tell my landlord I have to move and unless I use my rent payment I relocate then I have nothing to relocate with and ill continue to harmfully inhale that toxic mold!!


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