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Mold On Clothes

What Happens When Mold Gets on Clothing?

Jacole, 11, from Oklahoma, shares her experience and some advice in dealing with mold:

Hi! My name is Jacole. My experience with mold happened with my favorite pair of pants. They were verrry comfortable.

They were in the laundry basket waiting to be washed, but they were in there sooo long (because I forgot about them in my room) that they got mold on the legs!

My mom washed them with bleach, but they were stained anyways.

A little advice :

If mold gets on clothes – IT STAINS!

Jacole – Guest Writer from the MoldBlogger Team

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3 thoughts to “Mold On Clothes”

  1. My boyfriend has got a beautiful cotton shirt which now has iron mould marks on the sleeve.
    Can you help me, or is the iron mold here to stay?

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