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School District Partially Responsible for Mold Problem

by Joslyn

Severe Mold Found in The Saint Francis School District


Mold Inspectors found mold growing in 25 out of 32 of the Saint Francis School District’s portable school buildings.

According the builder’s of the portable structures, the school is atleast partially responsible for the outbreaks of mold.

The senior VP of the corporation says :

“There have been some modifications made to this building that certainly led to some issues that the buildings are encountering today,” said Kevin Bremer, the Senior VP of Operations at ModSpace Corporation.

Bremer said the district’s work on the heating and air conditioning units added to the buildings’ moisture and eventually, mold.

Bremer said the district also exacerbated the problem by cutting into the walls.

For more information on Mold in the St. Francis School District visit
Mold: Company Vs School District

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Source : KARE 11 TV

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