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Found! A Hidden Mold Infested Room

by Joslyn

Hidden Room Infested with Mold!

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After buying a 75,000 dollar home, the homeowner moved her bookcase and what did she find? ALL kinds of mold! Listen to her story!

A secret room hidden behind a bookcase in Kerri and Jason Brown’s house was recently discovered to contain so much mold that according to a handwritten note found inside, which started with “You found it!” the previous homeowner moved because of it.

Read the outcome of the Brown’s amazing story! Mold Infested Home

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Joslyn from the Mold Blogger Team

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Ann October 22, 2013 - 5:38 am

The bathroom lies between the two bedrooms and the bath was leaking the previous owner had all new carpets laid which masked any mould smell for a while, apparently she did not open windows either, there was all black mold on the wall in one of the bedrooms, we now find that the rooms smell of mould, we have disposed of the new carpets and bed, all the furniture is contaminated and returns even after cleaning with bleach several times what do you advise?


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