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hidden dangers of mold

Infowars Doctor Acknowledges Dangers of Mold

Infowars Doctor Acknowledges the Hidden Health Dangers of Mold and Yeast

In a video published on YouTube on March 11 of 2007, Infowars reporter Millie Weaver interviewed Dr. Edward F. Group III. The topic was the hidden health dangers of mold and yeast. Here at MoldBlogger, we may not agree with every perspective presented on Infowars, but when it comes to fungi—specifically, a publicized discussion on it—we’re more than willing to lend an ear.
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bleach to clean mold

5 Misconceptions About Mold That Could Change Your Life (Part 2 of 5)

Under many common conditions mold can be serious, and given time could possibly lead to severe health complications. In this five part series I hope to tackle and explain some of the biggest misconceptions about mold.

Misconception 2 of 5 – If you have a mold problem bleach will get rid of it, always and forever.

I hear this one a lot. If a mold problem develops, many will grab some bleach, pour it on, and think they’ve kissed their mold problems good bye. If this is the typical scenario, their battle with mold has only just begun.

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window molds due to winter

Dangers of Mold and Mildew during the Winter

Unless you live in Florida or some other sunny locale, you’re likely going to be confronted with snow and ice during the winter. Humidity may not be as much of a problem in the winter, but constant snow fall, ice storms, and melting ice and snow can make a slush pile in your yard and driveway and seep into the crevices of your home. It may come in through the windows or doorways, or it may leak into the roof or the foundation. You may even track it in on your shoes.
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Black Mold Forces Family To Leave Rental

Mold is a serious problem and one that tends to be ignored until its too late. In May of 2011, a rental tenant in Pleasant Valley, Missouri made the decision to leave her rental unit after discovering a serious case of black mold in the basement. From the story:

“The black mold is so bad inside one metro rental home that a mom and her five kids are moving out after a mold expert said the levels are the second highest he’s ever found. The landlord says he had no idea the mold had gotten so bad, but he now promises to fix it.” (Read the full article on

The trouble comes in when the land lord, well meaning I’m sure, recommended vinegar as the solution. Its somewhat like handing someone a coat hangar to fend off a charging rhinoceros – not much good.

If you’ve found black mold in your home, take it seriously. The long term consequences of black mold exposure can be devastating and even deadly. If you’re looking for professional help, choose a remediator carefully. Experience is key.

Know someone who has been affected by black mold or have our own story to share? Send us your story!

Keep fighting!

Flooded Oklahoma Town Facing Mold Problems


An Oklahoma town that was the scene of severe flooding earlier this month is now having problems with mold.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said the mold problems in some parts of Blackwell could be hazardous to the health of the residents there.


With Hurricane season in full swing, this story is a good sample of what many other towns will be facing as they deal with an explosion in mold growth within the affected areas.

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Source: KOCO News 5

Mold Closes Elementary School in CT

Mold Thrives in Schools

Parents of children who attended an elementary school in Greenwhich are questioning their child’s health and safety when it comes to putting their child back in school. The walls of Greenwhich elementary school’s modular classrooms were founded infested with mold.

The rates of mold growth are rising across the country, especially in public schools. What can be done?

On Saturday, the Greenwich Board of Education closed down Hamilton Avenue Elementary after mold was discovered in the ceilings. Environmental crews in protective suits have been working to rid the building of the potential health hazard.

The school is actually a temporary facility, a modular unit built three years ago to house 370 students while a brand new school is under construction.

To read the rest of this story and other interesting twists, visit ABC 7 News, Mold Closes CT School

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Source: ABC 7 News

Mold in Jamaica

Moisture: The Reason for Mold

With Jamaica’s recent hurricanes, moisture has caused Mold to be a major problem in the homes and lives of local Jamaicans.

What are they having to deal with?

— It’s necessary to deal with the problem as it can cause burning and watering eyes; nasal and sinus congestion; skin irritation and coughing. It can also aggravate medical problems like asthma, allergies, conditions which weaken immune defences and lung disease, especially in the elderly and the young.

But what of the musty smell that usually accompanies the fuzz?

“Once the place is dried up … the odour will go away,” Mrs. Hincliffe said. This might be easier said than done, judging from the little sunlight we have had since the rains that have pelted the island for so long. —

Read the rest of ‘Mold in Jamaica’ at Moisture: The Mold Problem

6 Tips for Removing Mold

1. Protect your eyes, nose and skin when cleaning mould.

2. Fix the source of the water problem or leak to prevent mould growth.

3. Clean and dry any damp or wet building materials and furnishings within 24-48 hours to prevent mould growth.

4. In areas where there is a perpetual moisture problem, do not install carpeting (i.e., by drinking fountains, by classroom sinks, or on concrete floors with leaks or frequent condensation).

5. Clean mould off hard surfaces with water and detergent, and dry completely. Absorbent materials such as ceiling tiles, carpets, linoleum that are mouldy, may need to be replaced.

6. Clean drapes and carpets when they can dry properly.

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Joslyn from the MoldBlogger Team

Source: Sacha Walters – Staff Reporter for the Jamaica Gleaner News

School District Partially Responsible for Mold Problem

Severe Mold Found in The Saint Francis School District

Mold Inspectors found mold growing in 25 out of 32 of the Saint Francis School District’s portable school buildings.

According the builder’s of the portable structures, the school is atleast partially responsible for the outbreaks of mold.

The senior VP of the corporation says :

“There have been some modifications made to this building that certainly led to some issues that the buildings are encountering today,” said Kevin Bremer, the Senior VP of Operations at ModSpace Corporation.

Bremer said the district’s work on the heating and air conditioning units added to the buildings’ moisture and eventually, mold.

Bremer said the district also exacerbated the problem by cutting into the walls.

For more information on Mold in the St. Francis School District visit
Mold: Company Vs School District

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Joslyn from the MoldBlogger Team

Source : KARE 11 TV

Mold Causes Asthma in Children

Mold Attacks Families in NYC

New York apartments are having an over abundance of mold cases being brought forth. City dwellers were in the streets protesting against mold and demanding that city officials help these families living in these mold infested apartments. One 14 year old girl revealed that her asthma attacks are worsening and that she is afraid for herself and her mother. She said :

Espinal, 14, blamed a water leak in her ceiling for the mold that has grown in the insulation. Mold triggers Adriana’s asthma, and as a result, she’s already missed 8 days of school this year. She fears it’s only going to get worse.

“I don’t want to end up in the hospital, and I don’t want my mom to end up in the hospital either, and my sister just developed asthma, that’s serious,” said the 14-year-old.

Read the rest of of NYC’s Mold Infestations : Mold Invades NYC

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Source :

Found! A Hidden Mold Infested Room

Hidden Room Infested with Mold!

After buying a 75,000 dollar home, the homeowner moved her bookcase and what did she find? ALL kinds of mold! Listen to her story!

A secret room hidden behind a bookcase in Kerri and Jason Brown’s house was recently discovered to contain so much mold that according to a handwritten note found inside, which started with “You found it!” the previous homeowner moved because of it.

Read the outcome of the Brown’s amazing story! Mold Infested Home

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Cancer Causing Mold Found

Iowa & S. Dakota have Become Breeding Grounds for Mold

Because of a high temperature summer in both Iowa and South Dakota, an extremely toxic type of mold has been found: Aflatoxin. This mold type can cause cancer in humans if large amounts are consumed.

With the humidity up from a long, hot summer, these two states have become a breeding ground for mold. Are there more? What can be done?

With several parts of the Midwest having gone through a scorching summer, more farmers in the Corn Belt may find aflatoxin, said Don White, professor of crop sciences at the University of Illinois.

Can anything be done? Read the conclusion!
Toxic Mold Aflatoxin

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Affresh Tablets V. Mold

High Efficiency Washing Machines & Mold

Do you have a high efficiency washing machine?

If so, these tablets may be for you. Front loaders tend to seal extremely well, maybe too well trapping the moisture in allowing mold to grow.

If this mold grows it will give out a very non-appetizing smell. How can you get rid of this moldy odor?

To combat (or prevent) an odor problem, Whirlpool developed Affresh tablets. The tablets are said to prevent residues from accumulating. And if a problem has already begun, the company recommends using one tablet in three consecutive washes.

Read more on Affresh Tablets by visiting

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Preventing Mold After Severe Weather

How to Prevent Mold After Severe Weather :

WICHITA, Kansas :

Mold and the negative health consequences from the bacteria have become commonplace across much of Kansas as a result of the severe storms, flooding and tornadoes that began in early May.

Care should be taken to clean and dry the areas of the home where moisture tends to accumulate, such as basements and areas that have been subjected to standing water. This advice applies to travel trailers and mobile homes as well as permanent dwellings.

Site-constructed houses are particularly vulnerable if they sustained floodwaters.

Dampness in walls, carpets, insulation and wood provides an environment for mold to flourish. These materials generally should be discarded if they become saturated. Mold also can ruin paper and fabric.

To read the rest of the story and gain a deeper understanding of mold qualities visit

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Common Wood Mold Kills Multiple Myeloma (Bone Marrow Cancer)

Sound too good to be true?

Well its not!  Mayo Clinic Cancer Center researchers have shown that chaetocin, a by product of common wood mold is carrying possible anti-myeloma agents!

“Dr. Bible’s team has shown for the first time that chaetocin has promising anti-myeloma activity. They found that chaetocin’s promise includes the ability to:

  • Kill myeloma cells harboring a diverse array of genetic abnormalities
  • Cause biological changes and induce oxidative stress in myeloma cells, leading to their death
  • Selectively kill myeloma cells with superior efficacy to commonly-used anti-myeloma drugs including dexamethasone and doxorubicin
  • Reduce myeloma growth in mice
  • Rapidly accumulate in cancer cells

To find out more on this awesome discovery see EurekAlert

– THe Moldblogger Team

Mold Illness – $76, 000

Why is It so Hard to Find Winning Cases Against Mold?

Mold cases that have won are very difficult to find.

The reason for this, is that it is very difficult to prove health deficiencies were caused by mold, and not reoccurring from the past.

In this case, the mold was beaten by two fireman and their families.

“This was never primarily about the money,” Nashville attorney John Norris said. “Firefighters put their lives on the line for the rest of us, and they expect and are entitled to a safe workplace.”

Read the rest of the story with Mold Affects Firefighters

Story source : Mold-Help

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Parents Not A Fan Of Mold Cleanup

Following up with yesterday’s story, I was doing some research this evening and found out that the parents of the high school in Kenton County, Kentucky, aren’t happy with the cleanup! They protest that their children are still suffering from the mold problem even with the supposed ‘clean up’. According to one mother:

“I won’t be satisfied that they’ve done the job they should do to get (the mold) out, because I think they’ve been hiding this for a long, long time.”

It was some pretty serious stuff.. They found over 15 square feet of active toxic mold growing within the school.

Pick up the rest of the story here.

Mold Survey.. Interesting

A mold survey was given to see how many people in a particular area dealt with mold related issues.. these are the results :

“In April 2005, the Mold Committee of the Tenants Association conducted a survey on the presence of mold and its effects on residents. They received a total of 184 completed surveys.

1. Do you have any visible mold in your apartment?

* Yes: 48.37% total, 42% Storke I, 63% Storke II, 47% West

2. Do you detect the odor of mold (musty smell) in your apartment?

* Yes: 39.13% total, 53 % Storke I, 54% Storke II, 19% West

3. Where in your apartment does mold tend to grow?

* Bathroom and/or kitchen: 37% total, 28% Storke I, 37% Storke II, 46% West
* Windows and/or doors: 30% total, 32% Storke I, 43% Storke II, 22% West
* Carpets and/or floors: 5% total, 8% Storke I, 9% Storke II, 1% West
* Walls and/or ceilings: 13% total, 20% Storke I, 17% Storke II, 5% West
* Closets: 5% total, 4% Storke I, 11% Storke II, 3% West

4. Has any of your personal property been damaged by mold?

* Yes: 18% total, 20% Storke I, 31% Storke II, 10% West

5. What is the estimated value of property damage?

* Greatest amount for one resident: $800, Total for Storke I: $2400, Total for Storke II: $920, Total for West: $695

6. Do you regularly use a dehumidifier in your home?

* Yes: 8.7% total, 8% Storke I, 26% Storke II, 1% West

7. What other interventions have you used to treat mold in your home?

* Bleach: 19% total
* General Household Cleaners: 30% total
* Air Filters: 5% total
* Ventilation: 19%
* Previous move within FSH because of mold: 1.63% (3 residents)

8. Do any of your family members suffer from any of the following health complaints since moving into Family Student Housing?

* Respiratory problems- wheezing, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath: 24.5% total, 34% Storke I, 37% Storke II, 10% West
* Nasal and sinus congestion: 47% total, 63% Storke I, 57% Storke II, 27% West
* Eyes burning, watery, reddened, blurry vision, light sensitivity: 20% total, 18% Storke I, 28% Storke II, 18% West
* Dry, hacking cough: 20% total, 27% Storke I, 26% Storke II, 10% West
* Sore throat: 27% total, 33% Storke I, 31% Storke II, 20% West
* Nose and throat irritation: 30% total, 38% Storke I, 29% Storke II, 24% West
* Infection or lung disease: 4% total, 10% Storke I, 0% Storke II, 1% West
* Chronic fatigue: 16% total, 20% Storke I, 14% Storke II, 13% West
* Skin irritation: 13% total, 15% Storke I, 6% Storke II, 14% West
* Central nervous system problems (constant headaches, loss of memory, and mood changes): 5% total, 7% Storke I, 0% Storke II, 6% West
* Aches and pains: 7% total, 11% Storke I, 0% Storke II, 6% West
* Fever: 3% total, 3% Storke I, 0% Storke II, 5% West
* Headaches: 24.5% total, 27% Storke I, 40% Storke II, 15% West
* Diarrhea: 6% total, 8.5% Storke I, 3% Storke II, 5% West
* Immune suppression: 9% total, 13% Storke I, 6% Storke II, 8% West

9. Do any of these problems disappear or decrease when the affected family member(s) leave(s) home?

* Yes: 37.5% total, 45% Storke I, 51% Storke II, 24% West


10. Have you contact housing officials regarding the mold?

* Yes: 17% total, 23% Storke I, 29% Storke II, 8% West

11. What was the response of housing officials to your notification?

* Cleaned the mold: 4% total
* Removed/replaced carpet: .5% total
* Repairs for water intrustion: 3.2% total
* Loaned dehumidifier: 4% total
* Evaluation of some kind: 4.9%

12. Were/are you satisfied with this response?

* Yes: 6% total, 7% Storke I, 11% Storke II, 3% West
* No: 10% total, 14% Storke I, 14% Storke II, 4% West”

Source : Mold Survey

College Dorms Mold Nightmares

Picked up this story from the ‘Equinox’ of Keen State University this morning. Apparently they’re having some real trouble with mold in the college dorms! Check out the excerpt:

The nightmare continued for students in the Owl’s Nest 3 apartment as physical plant staff tried to find out what was happening.

Handling a Health Issue

The process for filing a health complaint about a residence, according to Jim Carley, associate director of Residential Life, is the same as filing a maintenance request where the Residential Life staff would be notified and they would notify the physical plant staff.

Frank Mazzola, director of the physical plant, said, “The first group to investigate it would be the housekeeping department. They would have the resources to neutralize a minor problem.”

Click here for the rest of the story!

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