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Linda in Prescott Valley, Arizona

I started getting sick in April, thought it was a cold, itchy eyes, sore throat, cough, vomiting, headaches constant tired, trouble sleeping,(cough wakes me up). In June, I moved some boxes in my bedroom, found black mold in the carpet, and boxes, had to throw out a bunch of stuff. Called my landlord, they cut a hole in the wall, fixed the leaky pipe, found mold in wall. Aug 8th my land lord send over the maintenance man to patch my wall. He put his hand in the wall and it came out very black. He called my landlord, she sent out a mold inspector, he took pics, and ran a little box over the wall and floor, it beeped like crazy, he pulled up the carpet, and found more mold. He told me I would know something in 2 days, 30 mins my landlord told me I have to move. I am sick, feel awful, she wants me to pack my stuff and move. But I will move the mold. I need help.


Can you take a histoplasma Abs, Qn, DID test for mold? Can you have mold growing in your lungs and test negative? I am scared, and do not know what to do.

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