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De in Abbeville, Louisiana

My family and I rented a house and upon moving in, the landlord gave us his word he would come and fix the ceiling tiles, but he never did. After the drought we expierienced we had a severe pounding of rain. There was a leak in the ceiling and tiles began to fall. One day I was walking down the hallway and I noticed the ceiling tiles were black, sagging, and there was a thing of mold growing.

I started to have awful headaches, breathing problems, and I had a very severe sinus infection. I had to go to my doctor twice for meds to be changed. My physician was seriously thinking of hospitalyzing me to start an IV. Since we have moved I am still suffering with severe headaches and now our 11 year old daughter has what we believe to be mold in her nose. The nose hurts to the touch and when she blows her nose its black on the tissue. I have looked in her nose and you can see the blackness.

After moving out my now former landlord called and asked why I didn’t tell him of the ceiling. I informed him he knew and never had taken care of his tenants. I also assured him I have pictures at the beginning, middle, and end of this situation because he falsely accused us of tearing down the ceiling tiles out of spite. If you can help please contact ASAP!


De Primeaux

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