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De in Abbeville, Louisiana

My family and I rented a house and upon moving in, the landlord gave us his word he would come and fix the ceiling tiles, but he never did. After the drought we expierienced we had a severe pounding of rain. There was a leak in the ceiling and tiles began to fall. One day I was walking down the hallway and I noticed the ceiling tiles were black, sagging, and there was a thing of mold growing.

I started to have awful headaches, breathing problems, and I had a very severe sinus infection. I had to go to my doctor twice for meds to be changed. My physician was seriously thinking of hospitalyzing me to start an IV. Since we have moved I am still suffering with severe headaches and now our 11 year old daughter has what we believe to be mold in her nose. The nose hurts to the touch and when she blows her nose its black on the tissue. I have looked in her nose and you can see the blackness.

After moving out my now former landlord called and asked why I didn’t tell him of the ceiling. I informed him he knew and never had taken care of his tenants. I also assured him I have pictures at the beginning, middle, and end of this situation because he falsely accused us of tearing down the ceiling tiles out of spite. If you can help please contact ASAP!


De Primeaux

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4 thoughts to “De in Abbeville, Louisiana”

  1. The health problems you described can all be caused by toxic indoor mold.

    Unfortunately, the mold toxins are fat soluble and 24 percent of the population clears these toxins over 460 times slower than the other 76 percent of population.

    Some over the counter, non prescription supplements and herbals from health food stores can help bind and remove the toxins from the body.

    Most Physicians are unfamilar with over a thousand recent published peer reviewed scientific studies investigating testing and treatment of toxic indoor mold exposure from water damaged buildings.

    Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and Mary Beth Short-Ray have written excellent books for the public which contain some of the latest information learned about testing and treating mold toxicity.
    Dr. Shoemaker reports up to 95 percent of these symptoms can now be reversed or eliminated.

  2. De, Can your doctor prescribe sporanox sinus spray for you and your daughter? That is the strongest anti-fungal sinus spray. You could also ask for oral antifungal medication to see if that helps you feel better. Initially, you might feel sicker, due to die-off of fungus. Have either of you been to a doctor familiar with sickness from mold? As far as the owner, unless you have a lawyer to pursue loss and good viable testing to use in court you may not be able to recoup anything from him. One thing to make sure is that you do not contaminate your new living area by brining in items from the contaminated home. I would leave things in storage until they can possibly be remediated, or accessed to see if they can be salvaged, or just get rid of items.
    Try to eat a a sugar free grain free diet, no processed food; and focus on good whole organic foods, alot of veggies, fruits, meats. Dairy can sometimes be a problem for mold victims, but normally Oikos organic Greek Yogurt is ok, loaded with good probiotics..get the plain.

  3. De – good advice from Lori. I have been dealing with mold illness for some time now. I can tell you that it only progresses until you completely rid you body of it. Eventually, it begins attacking both the thyroid and pituitary glands, increases sensitivities to foods and medicines and eventually affects just about every tissue in the body. Cleansing yourself is a complicated process, but the basic four steps are: 1) eradicate mold from your environment, or move to an environment with 0 – 2 colonies present, 2) change your diet (referenced by Lori) – look for Doug Kaufman’s books on fungi, his diet is spot on, 3) hit the mold with proper antifungals – use of fluconazole or sporonox internally, and for sinus spray, you can go stronger than sporonox – Variconozole or Amphocertin B (use grossnan’s sinus wash prior to using sprays), and 4). rebuild nutrition and hormones damaged by fungal infection (e.g. pituitary, cortisol, thyroid, B12, D3). Part of the detoxifying calls for use of L-Glutithione as well. One source for nutritional repair is Intra-Max (
    There is also a relatively new resource that uses a non-toxic method of killing mildew and mold – it is C3. They sell candles, for instance, that when burned – reduce or eliminate mold spores in the air. Likewise, they sell a laundry additive that removes mildew from items washed. This provided me a great, temporary fix before our house could be remediated.

    One of the best resources for dealing with serious mold problems is Dr. Don Dennis (ENT). His background was at Johns Hopkins. Incredibly skilled at dealing with very intense cases – providing every type of skill needed to eradicate the problem – including surgery if necessary. I highly recommend looking into treatment from someone like Dr. Dennis.

    This is not an easy problem to deal with, so I completely empathize with your situation. However, it is something you can overcome with help.

  4. Dear De, If you are concerned about left over mold, lingering mold spores and overall indoor air quality, we “can” help you out! We offer an affordable portable system that will actually kill mold and mold spores both in the air and on surfaces. Our systems uses safe breathable treated air which consists of hydrogen peroxide gas. The treated air will actually seek out the mold and kill it. Our system will allow you to keep your belongings and clean your home completely from mold. Please contact me asap and I will be glad to help you out. I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

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