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Alice in Rockville, Maryland

Hi there. I think I may have mold in my air ducts/vents – I hope it’s only there and not in the drywall. At first I noticed a stinky sort of smell in a spare bathroom that I rarely use and turned on the bathroom vent and that seemed to clear it up. Then I noticed the smell once or twice in the hall but not in the bathroom. Several days later I noticed the smell in the bathroom again but this time the bathroom vent seemed to make the smell worse. This probably has been happening over the course of a month and just in the past few days I noticed the smell in other parts of the house. I’ve started researching mold inspectors to have this checked out as soon as possible.


In the meantime I must be breathing in the mold spores and am wondering what risk I’m putting myself to. Should I be looking at staying with friends or in a hotel, spending as much time as possible out of the house? Should I stop using the AC and open all the windows and use fans? It is in the upper 90’s in DC right now which may be why this problem has gotten worse in a short time. And at what point do I involve my insurance company? Sorry for the million questions but this really has me freaked. Thanks for any advice!

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