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Janeen in Medford, Oregon

Well lately I’ve been getting headaches, having difficulty concentrating on conversations and work (very strange for me), and woke up one morning with a large lump on my right cheek. I thought I had been bit by a spider which totally freaked me out. It hurt all the way up into my eye. In the mean time my eyes have been itching for quite a while and I’ve developed allergies and a constant runny nose. Well the bump on my cheek wouldn’t go away until I gotĀ antibiotics. Now I itch constantly especially on my face. So I’m cleaning my bathroom and I wiped under the shower door with a paper towel and there is alot of black mold. I told my boyfriend that there is weird black mold in the bathroom. He said “black mold”, I said, “Yes”. He said it again and said that is NOT GOOD. He said Janeen “BLACK MOLD”. “OH”, I said. And here we are. I’m freaked out. I don’t know where to go from here. We rent. I don’t know if we should move. Because I am very uncomfortable physically and mentally.


If anyone out there has any advice, please tell…

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