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YaMina in Irving, Texas

I have just moved into my apartment about a month ago on the 6th of July. Since I have moved in I have had multiple problems, however I was able to look over them.

When I first moved in I recleaned everything from my bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, and bedroom. However in my freezer there is a part that is screwed down. I did not look under there until I spilt something in my freezer and started to clean it up. I unscrewed the screws to find black mold when I lifted the flap. I was very upset.

I have a lung condition that mold makes worse and my asthma starts to act up and I start to get sick. Which i had been in the weeks before and could not put my finger on why I was feeling sick and short of breath. So I informed my apartment complex about this, and they automatically assume that I took a picture of someone else’s apartment saying there was nothing they could do because I did not call them when it happened so that they could come and clean it. Now, when the situation happened it was about 10 or 11 at night not to mention if I would have called them I would have only been able to leave a message and I couldn’t leave my food out to spoil. I was and still am very upset with my apartment complex.


What do you think I could do about this? Do I have the right to sue?

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