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Mold Infestation

by BrianReeves
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By Vincent Marone


In some cases, mold infestation is easy to identify. Most mold infestations cover large areas. Many home and business owners encounter black or green slimy mold that has a noticeable odor. However, what happens when mold spore counts are high but mold is nowhere to be found?

Mold infestation can go much deeper than the naked eye can see. There are so many frequently asked questions about mold and how to detect growth before it gets out of hand. Below are some warning signs that home and business owners usually overlook but could turn out to be a mold infestation waiting to happen.

Basement Mold on Walls and Floors

When mold colonies are in their earliest stages of growth, mold infestation does not take on the black and green slimy look right away. Instead, mold infestation looks white and gray in color with a crystalized-like texture.

While this crystallization can occur anywhere in the home or office, it is most noticeable in unfinished basements.


Is there a white fog between your window panes that you can’t seem to get rid of? Much like the crystalized mold found on walls and floors, mold infestation can happen in between window panes as well.

Due to ever-changing temperatures and moisture conditions, mold spores can infiltrate your windows and start a fungal infestation. Should this type of mold growth go unaddressed, spores will eventually travel into the walls of your home creating an even more dangerous – and costly – mold infestation.

Bathroom and Kitchen


Perhaps two of the most common areas of a home or business to encounter mold growth is the bathroom and kitchen. Due to the inherent nature of moisture being present in these rooms, especially the bathroom, mold spores have an easier time finding a suitable habitat to start their colonies.

Be careful with retail cleaning products claiming to be mold killers. Serious mold infestations should not be handled by untrained professionals. It is recommended that any area greater than three square feet should be remediated by a certified mold removal specialist. Otherwise, cross-contamination can cause your mold infestation to become more severe than you ever imagined.


Do you wash your laundry only to have it smell even after it is fresh out of the dryer? Do you wash your dishes only to find that they are still dirty and smelly? It is very possible that a mold infestation has infiltrated your pipes.

One of the most uncommon – and unseen – places for mold infestation is inside the pipes of your home or business. In the extreme circumstance that mold growth has affected your piping, contacting and mold remediation service is vital to the overall safety and integrity of your property and the continued health of your family.

Vincent Marone
Mold Specialist

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Bessie Whiaker September 27, 2013 - 8:19 pm

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stanley houghton October 15, 2013 - 12:25 am

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