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Myco-ZX: How Effective are its Ingredients?

by Amanda Demsky
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Myco-ZX: How Effective are its Ingredients in the Fight Against Fungal Overgrowth Within the Body?

In an earlier article, an interview between Infowars reporter Millie Weaver and Dr. Edward Group covered the hidden health dangers of mold and yeast. Briefly mentioned was Dr. Group’s supplement Myco-ZX, which is reported by the Infowars store to be “an all-natural blend of potent herbs and enzymes that support the body’s healthy detoxification of yeast and undesirable fungal organisms.” While we’re always a bit skeptical here at MoldBlogger and are not—in any way—affiliated with Infowars or Dr. Group’s Global Healing Center, we’re willing to investigate such claims, based on long-established facts surrounding the potential efficacy of each ingredient.


About the Creator of Myco-ZX

Firstly, the creator of this supplement, Dr. Edward F. Group, is an Owner/President Management (OPM 52) graduate of Harvard, which means he has been equipped with the know-how to build and run a successful company that adheres to the highest standards and keeps its promises to the customer.

He attended the Texas Chiropractic College and received his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Degree, which enables him to diagnose and treat disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, as well as the body’s sympathetic response to such disorders.
In addition, he pursued a Naturopathic Practitioner Degree (NP/ND interchangeably) from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, where he was also afforded the distinction of being a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Holistic Healing Practitioner (HHP), and Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH). As an ND, his focus is on holistic, preventative, and comprehensive diagnoses and treatment of all medical conditions, regardless of age or case severity. He utilizes protocols that minimize the risk of harm while also identifying and removing barriers to good health by enabling patients to create a healing and stable environment within and without their bodies. In addition to minor surgeries and the stitching of superficial wounds, an ND attends regularly to these more common ailments:

chronic pain
digestive issues
hormonal imbalances
respiratory conditions
heart disease
fertility problems

Dr. Group has also met the requirements for recognition and licensure as an official Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN), the American Board of Functional Medicine (DABFM), and the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (DCBCN). All three quality institutes ensure the monitoring and continued education of the licensee as a healthcare provider.

Product Claims

The insert for Myco-ZX, which can be viewed here, claims that this supplement “is a unique, all-natural formula designed to support the body’s natural cleansing of yeast and fungal organisms. [It is] made from wildcrafted and organically-certified herbs, [and] formulated for maximum effectiveness.”

Five claims are given to suggest to the consumer that they need Myco-ZX. Those claims are as follows:


1. Supports the body’s normal fungal detoxification.
2. Provides nutritional support for healthy yeast cleansing.
3. Encourages your body’s natural defenses against yeast and fungal overgrowth.
4. Promotes a healthy environment for beneficial organisms.
5. Is excellent for supporting normal finger and toe nail health.

Photo credit: InfoWars Store

Myco-ZX has nine ingredients, including binders, absorption aids, and the capsule itself.

Wildcrafted Jatobá (bark):

Hymenaea courbaril (Jatobá), a 90-foot Amazonian rainforest canopy tree, is often referred to as “the tree that does not rot,” due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. In fact, the jatobá tree is one of the few trees sporting trunk bark that is completely free of the mold and other forms of fungus guaranteed to take root and proliferate in a climate so stiflingly hot and moist. This is because the jatobá’s bark contains terpene and phenolic chemicals, which protect the tree from fungi, including yeast. The phytochemical composition of the jatobá’s resin (sap)—such as alpha-humulene, caryophyllene, copalic acid, and delta-cadinene—has been shown to provide significant anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and even antitumor activities. Even the jatobá’s leaves are beneficial in the fight against microbial infestation in that their chemical composition demonstrates notable hypoglycemic activity (reduced blood sugar levels)—an excellent benefit for those who must fight the deadly sugar-craving cycle that often accompanies fungal overgrowth.

In the past, the leaves, resin, and bark of the jatobá tree were wildcrafted (harvested from the natural wild) for the purpose of treating bacterial infections. Now, however, the antifungal properties are more widely recognized and put to good use against fungal ailments, such as Candida, finger and toenail fungal infections, thrush, athlete’s foot, staphylococcus aureus (staph infection) and other infections that have recently been shown to be related to fungal overgrowth in the body. (For further reading: Fighting Fungus: Cleansing with Jatobá.)

Wildcrafted Pau D’Arco (bark):

Tabebuia avellanedae (Pau D’Arco) is a tree-sized shrub that also grows in South America’s rainforests, as well as other hot and humid countries like Mexico and Haiti (although, Brazil is where it is usually wildcrafted from). The wood of the Pau D’Arco shrub is very hard, durable, and resistant to moisture and microbial damage, which is just one sign of its antifungal potential. The bark of Pau D’Arco contains compounds called quinoids, benzenoids, and flavonoids—all of which have proven to be antimicrobial, specifically targeting harmful microorganisms. Lapachol, however, is the most microbial-resistant and -toxic compound of Pau D’Arco, which is why it is often referred to as the lapacho tree. Like the jatobá tree, this potent shrub has a long history of medicinal use for bacterial, fungal, and inflammatory ailments and diseases. It is most effective against vaginal yeasts, Candida, inflamed skin conditions, bloating and other microbial digestive issues, and staph. (For further reading: The Harmful Organism Cleansing Benefits of Pau D’Arco.)

Organic Licorice (root):

Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice)—also known as “sweet root”—has only been domesticated for the past 1000 years. It is native to Southeastern Europe and various parts of Asia. While the plant itself reaches heights of 5 feet, it is the root—which descends about 3 feet below ground—and its outward branching rhizomes that are harvested for medicinal and food-flavoring purposes. It takes 3 years for a licorice plant to be ready for harvest. By then, its varying phyto-contents have reached maximum potency.

Topically, licorice root is antifungal in that it has been known to improve certain skin conditions, such as athlete’s foot, herpes, dermatitis, shingles, canker sores, eczema, and dandruff. Internally, its antifungal and antiviral properties aid the gastrointestinal system (and its gut flora) in the fight against irritation, spasm, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and inflammation of gastric and duodenal ulcers—all of which are known effects of imbalanced microbial overgrowth in the gut.

While the main attraction of the licorice root is the glycyrrhizin content (for flavor and certain anti-inflammatory—as well as adrenal gland—benefits), it is considered a volatile substance and should be used with great care and temperance. Prolonged use of glycyrrhizin can result in a condition known as pseudoaldosteronism—an excessive sensitivity to a hormone produced in the adrenal cortex, which can lead to headaches, high blood pressure, fatigue, and heart attack.

Infants, toddlers, and pregnant women should never eat licorice, drink licorice tea, or ingest supplements containing licorice. In addition, do not take licorice if you have any of the following conditions:

• Heart failure
• Heart disease
• Hormone-sensitive cancers (breast, ovarian, uterine, or prostate)
• Fluid retention
• Hypertension (high blood pressure)
• Diabetes
• Kidney disease
• Liver disease
• Hypokalemia (low potassium)
• Erectile dysfunction

(For further reading: Understanding the Benefits and Uses of Licorice Root.)

Goldenthread (root):

Coptis (Goldenthread or Goldthread)—otherwise known as “canker root”—belongs to the buttercup family of perennial flowering plants. It is usually found in the cool, swampy wooded regions of Canada, Iceland, India, even Siberia, and some states (Minnesota and Marlyand, for example). Goldthread is antiphlogistic (anti-inflammatory) and antifungal. Quite often used in the treatment against alcoholism, goldthread is an impressive counteracting agent against inflammation caused by the abundance of sugar and yeast in the body (which usually causes the vicious cycle of alcohol and sugar cravings). Goldthread is used to treat fungi-derived skin conditions: canker sores, acne, abscesses, and boils. It also is a potent aid against thrush, especially in children. The most beneficial use of the goldthread herb, however, is due to its berberine content. Berberine protects and defends the body against fungal overgrowth within the gastrointestinal tract by lowering blood sugar levels and increasing the production of enzyme-carrying saliva, bile, and gastric and pancreatic juices. Overall, goldthread is an excellent source for gastrointestinal health in general, as it halts diarrhea, kills many parasites, counteracts inflammation, and reduces stomach cramping (especially for premenstrual women or those suffering from IBS). (For further reading: Health Benefits of Goldthread.)

Organic Anise (seed):

Pimpinella anisum (Anise) is a 2-foot-tall flowering herb native to the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern regions. The entire plant is cut down come season, but only the seeds are harvested. (Anise is often mistaken for licorice once it has been processed for medicinal or flavoring purposes because it shares the same distinct smell and taste, due to its anethol oil content.) Anise is mostly sought after for its antioxidant compounds, which prevent disease and promote the general health and well-being of all processes within the body. However, it is also a good source for combating gastrointestinal concerns, as it is a stomachic (promotes appetite and assists in digestion), antiseptic (cleans out harmful microbials), antispasmodic (soothes IBS), carminative (relieves flatulence), digestive, and expectorant (clears airways of mucous) agent—all of which promote resistance to fungal overgrowth and the symptoms associated with it. (For further reading: Fighting Fungus: Cleansing with Anise Seed.)

Beta Gluconase (Beta-Glucanase):

To better understand what beta-glucanase is and its purpose in an anti-fungal supplement, one should first be familiar with what a glucan is. Certain fungi contain cellulose plant fiber known as B-Glucans (beta-glucans), which are polysaccharides—long-chain carbohydrates (such as starch, cellulose, or glycogen) made up of even smaller carbohydrates called monosaccharides, which consist of a number of bonded sugar molecules. These polysaccharides are difficult to digest and are rumored to cause inconsistent peristalsis (involuntary constriction and relaxation of the muscles of the intestine for the purpose of moving food through the digestive tract). This is due to its inclination to take on a state of high viscosity (thick, sticky gelatinous texture) because of the body’s inability to adequately break it down. This is where beta-glucanase steps in.

Beta-Glucanase refers to a group of carbohydrate enzymes, which are capable of breaking down certain components within beta-glucans. This hydrolyzation (chemical reaction with water) reduces the beta-glucan’s viscosity and enhances the digestive process. It is possible that many fungi-induced gastrointestinal discomforts (such as bloating, indigestion, and flatulence) could be alleviated if carbohydrates were more successfully broken down during digestion. (For further reading: The Health Benefits of Beta-Glucanase.)

Hemi Cellulase (Hemicellulase):

Much like the link between beta-glucanase and beta-glucans, hemicellulase is an enzyme necessary in the break-down of yet another grouping of polysaccharides: hemicellulose. Hemicellulose consists of a matrix of long-chain sugar-molecule carbohydrates (polysaccharides), which are vital fibrous components within the structure of the plant’s cell wall. Without the aid of hemicellulase, hemicellulose resists digestion and significantly reduces the absorption of various plant-based nutrients.


Hemicellulase is produced by varied members of the communal gut flora contained within the digestive tract. However, fungal overgrowth/infection is a strong indicator that there is an imbalance of microorganisms, which would result in the inadequate production of much-needed hemicellulase. This complicates matters further because that indigestible material—hemicellulose—is what is known as prebiotic fuel for the probiotic community. In other words, without sufficient levels of hemicellulase, neither the host, nor the gut-inhabiting microorganisms, benefit from the digestive attempt on the polysaccharides.

In addition, while fungi are not plants, they do develop cell walls made of chitin (a fibrous substance consisting of polysaccharides). The cell walls of candida, especially, are comprised of both cellulose and hemicellulose. This would be a good reason to add hemicellulase to an anti-fungal/yeast supplement. (For further reading: The Health Benefits of Hemicellulase.)

Organic Gum Acacia:

Otherwise known as Gum Arabic, this hardened secretion of the acacia tree is more than just dissolved sugars and mineral salts. This fiber-rich sap has been shown to exhibit prebiotic activity, improving the vitality and increasing the proliferation of the gut’s beneficial bacteria (read the study here). Prebiotic activity enables healthy gut flora, which is essential for the optimal health of the host and, especially, in the fight against fungal overgrowth. (For further reading: Study: Gum Arabic Boosts Prebiotic Activity.)

Kosher Certified Vegetarian Capsules:

Many pharmaceuticals, herbal supplements, and vitamins are packed into gelatin capsules. Gelatin is an animal byproduct usually made from beef or pork. Unless great care is taken in their selection, the consumer could be purchasing a product encapsulated in a substance that contains health-damaging preservatives, allergens, GMOs, antibiotics, and remnants of mad cow disease, among other dangers.

Kosher-certified vegetarian capsules guarantee that the ingredients, and the process to which they were subjected, involved no type of animal-product interference or contamination during production. Many sellers readily provide authentic certification that ensures their capsules are preservative-free, allergen-free, starch-free, and gluten-free, as well as non-GMO. Trustworthy vegetarian capsules are 100% natural, made of vegetable cellulose—sometimes derived from the trunks of pine or spruce trees. They are tasteless, quickly and easily dissolved, and fast-releasing of their content.


Is there any virtue in those five claims made about Myco-ZX?

Which ingredients have the potential to—

1. Support the body’s normal fungal detoxification? All.
2. Provide nutritional support for healthy yeast cleansing? All.
3. Encourage your body’s natural defenses against yeast and fungal overgrowth? All.
4. Promote a healthy environment for beneficial organisms? All.
5. Support normal finger and toe nail health? All.

With such potential, perhaps it should come as no surprise that the Infowars webstore is frequently sold out of Myco-ZX. If you or an acquaintance has tried Myco-ZX (or its equivalent) or are interested in doing so and sharing your testimony for the benefit of other mold sufferers, please leave a detailed review of your experience below in the comments.

For more information regarding mold, mold prevention, and mold solutions, please check out the rest of MoldBlogger.com.


About the Author: Amanda Demsky is the mother and personal chef of two boys, the domestic technician of a three-bedroom desert home, and occasionally, a freelance writer and editor. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @fullquiver777

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Katherine Honer June 6, 2017 - 7:05 pm

My husband ‘had ‘ toenail fungus.
Myco ZX cleared it in 5 weeks.
I am a pharmacist (Pharm D) and would not alow him to take any Rx antifungals (along with many other pharmaceuticals… there is a time and place… which i think as a population we use way to much of these products). My previous use of homeopathic/naturopathic fixed my issue with cancer …which got me into my doctorate degree in pharmacy… and since my in depth studies.. it has just supported my naturopathic ways and clean living.

TheWife June 13, 2017 - 4:51 pm

Thank you, Katherine! We really appreciate you sharing your husband’s experience with Myco-ZX. It’s encouraging to know he had a positive outcome with use. I know someone personally who insists on using Rx anti-fungals (as well as multiple other pharmaceuticals), and their toenail fungus sometimes clears up but will frequently return. They are not addressing the root of the issue.

We haven’t had a chance to try Myco-ZX here at MoldBlogger and we are not affiliated with its creator or anyone who sells it, but when we see something with potential like this, we can’t help but share it with our readers. Some members of our team have been affected by mold exposure and they are looking forward to trying it. Our aim is to provide fungal remedies and preventative measures that do not inflict further harm to the sufferers, and this is why I thank you again for what you have shared. :)

Bob August 13, 2017 - 5:57 am

Ive been using this product for a few weeks. Nothing ive tried (which is everything) has had any effect on my IBS-D / incurable SIBO. this stuff works great, I take it with the 50 billion probiotic they sell it with and now I have normal BMs, more energy, noticeably better anxiety. This product is a life saver in my opinion.

Health Freedom August 20, 2017 - 4:10 pm

How long should I take it?
1 bottle?
Is this I life long needed product?
Or a short term cleanse?

TheWife August 27, 2017 - 4:01 pm

Thank you so much for your feedback, Bob. Your testimony makes Myco-ZX sound very promising for those with fungal-related gut issues. What’s even more fascinating is that you’ve shown that anxiety could be a cause of a fungal-derived imbalance within the gut flora, just as some recent studies have shown. Perhaps MoldBlogger should have an article detailing the correlation. Thank you again for your feedback.

TheWife August 27, 2017 - 4:15 pm

Thank you for your comment, Health Freedom.

According to the Myco-ZX label, the suggested use is as follows:

“Take 3 capsules 2 times daily before meals or as recommended by your healthcare professional.”

This means that each bottle of Myco-ZX will last for approximately 20 days. In many cases, it takes 1-3 months for mold sufferers to feel relief from any supplement, change in diet, or removal from fungi-ridden habitats. For the best results, please check out MoldBlogger’s anti-fungal diet article (https://moldblogger.com/anti-fungal-diet-to-help-cure-a-yeast-infection/) and consider combining both an anti-fungal diet with an anti-fungal supplement. If you’re curious about other options, check out Mycozil (https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/supplements/mycozil.html), which has the exact same ingredients for about $20 less. Also, implementing probiotics into your diet/supplementation will help your gut fight the mold or yeast much quicker. Whether you choose Myco-ZX or Mycozil, please come back and share with us your experience for the sake of other mold sufferers.

Joe October 14, 2017 - 3:22 pm

I have tried the myco zx I have colitis this is the first thing that truthfully worked for me also an like the reviewer above it helped with my overall health and anxiety also great product honestly everything I’ve tried from them an also my wife and mother and father all take different things from Infowars store and the stuff works really well

shihad October 18, 2017 - 6:44 pm

This is a great product for lead poisoning yourself! Woohoo… thanks to Alex Jones all his crazy conspiracy theory followers will die faster and have a hard time reproducing!


Sperm-damaging Lead Found in Alex Jones Infowars Dietary Supplements

National health watchdog launches legal action against Alex Jones’ Infowars LLC to eliminate the toxic threat from products aimed at healthy lifestyle consumers

Lead was found in the Infowars Caveman Paleo Formula and the Info Wars Myco-ZX supplements. People who take the daily recommended dose of the Formula product would ingest more than twice the daily limit for lead under California law. People who take the Myco-ZX product would ingest more than six times the daily limit for lead under California law.

Leo January 5, 2018 - 12:15 pm

Keep taking your big pharma poison troll. Everyone knows the California standards are there to be able to sue natural alternatives to big pharma. Look at studies of lead levels in everything. I take info wars products and I have not been sick in over 2 years.

Mark February 18, 2018 - 8:30 pm

I just tried myco-zx and am astonished at how effective it is for mold exposure I haven’t felt this good in 3 years. I believe it is helping me like nothing else has. I am combining it with colloidal silver, oregano oil and activated charcoal I am definitely purchasing a few more bottles to get rid of this mold once and for all. (Hopefully)

Scott April 2, 2018 - 8:37 pm

Do you take herbs like this temprarly, say 6 weeks as directed and then back off? or take consistantly ultimitly for life?

Scott April 2, 2018 - 8:54 pm

… by the way Myco-zx formulation has changed now Myco zx plus… more ingredients and is directed to take 3 caps 1 time a day. That could be a win…. I have been taking for about a week now. I have noticed increase in soft bowl movements. I have noticed a few days of gas and cramping (mild w bowel movents to follow) no real distress or anything I cant candle. I take it for bowel health and am trusting its claims. I have seen positive results in other herbal supliments (from infowars). I have been impressed. I don’t want to be blind or ignorant. I trust doctor Group and his researh ( this is corilated to his research and isntruction). I trust the quality. Like all science there there is theory and should be measurable. If I am trusting in the research of this product then I accept the risks and potential positive effect. Maybe I don’t understand or see the negative risks so much, but I do see potentioal positives and expect positive results. I have read many positive reviews. These herbs make sense to me especially when I see daily the GI problems people have in hospital settings. I welcome the posibility of cleansing my gut to give me possible healthy changes and maintenance as claimed. I’m going for it and glad I am.

Harry Johnson August 16, 2018 - 5:43 pm

I’ve been taking mycozx plus for 3 months now, i have lost my intense sweet cravings, my A1c is down from 10.1 to an amazing 6.o last week. My gut is no longer distended, my weight loss is moving safley along. I have more energy than ive had in 20 years. I’ve asked several Md’s and Do ‘s about candidia yeast overgroth treatment and was shunned by all 5 different doctors. I took a chance with myco zx as i have used infowars products for several years now. And find them to be the real deal. I will continue to get my health supements from Dr. Group and infowars as there effective and work for me and my family. I have not had a cold or flu sin e i started using alex’s products. To hell with modern pharmaceuticals and all thier problems, Oh and the Bodease is remarkable for my aches and pains, I’m 59 almost 60. And have run the opiod gauntlet for many years of ,fentNyl. Oxycontin. Diluaded, various antiinflamatories. Alex ‘s products work.for me and my family. ( I use them as verification that it is real results and not a placebo effect.

Tiffany September 15, 2018 - 7:05 am

This stuff is amazing! Ok, I was diagnosed with Colitis and at the time I had an over abundance of H.Pylori, I took all the meds they gave me for that, which I should have just continued to take the dang bottle of Myco zx. When I finished taking the meds I went back on my Myco and it has done amazingly well at ridding me of all of the bad fungus and such in my body and also cured my toenail fungus! It really is an amazing herbal blend.

Ronna November 4, 2021 - 6:51 am

Love this product and cannot find it ! Nothing helps me like this one with stomach issues with digestive flare ups …


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