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10 Health Risks of Toxic Mold

by Joslyn
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Are you Living in an Area with Risks of Toxic Mold?

If you are living in an area where the relative humidity is above 55%, you are very much liable to health risks caused by toxic molds. Black Mold, also known as Stachybotrys Chartarum. Stachybotrys Chartarum is a greenish-black fungi found worldwide that colonizes particularly well in high-cellulose material such as straw, hay, wet leaves, dry wall, carpet, wall paper, fiber-board, ceiling tiles, thermal insulation, etc. The fungus, before drying, is wet and slightly slimy to touch. Stachybotrys is considered a toxic mold and is one of the major health risk providers.


Species of Black Mold

There are about fifteen species of Stachybotrys worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, this type of fungus does not grow on plastic, vinyl, concrete products, or ceramic tiles. Neither is it found in the green mold on bread or in the black mold on shower tiles. The toxic mold environmental risk may be one of the next major real estate due diligence concerns, especially in property development areas where major flooding has occurred. The problem is that the existence of toxic molds not only includes residential and commercial area flood incidents, but also numerous minor water releases due to plumbing failures, conductive condensation, house water leaks and accidents. The toxic mold concern could also be a problem where fires have occurred on residential properties. For some people, exposure to the toxic mold spores may stay just a “risk”. To others, it may be a real health hazard, with life-threatening results.

Health Risk or Health Hazard?

Whether a potential liability concern is just health risk or a major hazard, there will be paramount in defining the critical level of due diligence and disclosure response by responsible parties. There are already several major lawsuits concerning toxic mold exposure in residential and commercial buildings throughout the United States.

The 10 most common health risks associated with toxic mold are:

1. pulmonary hemorrhage or pulmonary hemosiderosis (primarily in infants)

2. nose bleeds

3. immune system suppression (resulting in increasing numbers of infections)

4. hair loss

5. dermatitis

6. chronic fatigue

7. psychological depression

8. diarrhea


9. sore throats

10. headaches and other flu-like symptoms

Can All Toxic Mold Be Eliminated?

One of the major concerns that many experts have is that one might not be able to permanently eliminate ALL of the toxic mold from a structure. There also remains a great propensity for future reoccurrence. It is therefore recommended that great care be exercised to remove and dispose of all products that have been contaminated by the toxic mold. Another concern is that state’s Health Departments will consider ambiguous and genetic disposition as a response to the inquiries about toxic mold that is made by the public. There will be some people, especially children, which will exhibit more adverse reactions than other persons exposed to the toxic mold. Some of these reactions will include death, lung tissue damage and memory loss. This may also depend on the chemical sensitivity, genetic disposition, and predisposing health history. Currently, most health organizations consider exposure to toxic mold a health risk and hazard. Keep in mind that most responses leading to testing, investigations, and abatement of the toxic mold are due directly to occupant complaints or documented detrimental health effects.

Liability Concerns

Toxic molds may even evolve to a point where it is regarded with the same cautions, response and liability concerns as those attributed to lead-base paint and asbestos. Health hazards and risks associated with concern to exposure to these types of mold are currently considered as short-term effects as opposed to exposure to radon gas in houses, which is considered a long-term health risk. The Stachybotrys fungi cannot be identified by a routine visual inspection. All black molds are not necessarily Stachybotrys. It could be non-toxic black mold. The only method to determine the type of mold present is by sample analysis by an accredited laboratory. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the mold is only a toxic risk or hazard if a person breathes or comes into contact with the spores. Wet mold is not an indoor air quality health risk, but there is a significant potential for the mold to dry and released into the air. Be wary of continuous health problems you might be having. If you cannot find the cause of these problems, chances are they are not really that visible to the eyes. Toxic molds can be as risky to your health as any other environmental factors.

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Holly January 6, 2008 - 2:12 pm

I am a victim of toxic mold. My symptoms include an inability to recall short-term memories, walking problems, shaking, and major changes in peronality, like outbursts of anger. We lived in two houses that we had to move from because life became impossible due to mold. It is so much more than watering eyes and a runny nose – it is every system in the body. My vision became foggy and my eyes literally sunk in my head. My skin became wrinkled and I developed black circles under my eyes. I looked like a crack addict. So, anyone whose life begins to change, relationships begin to fall apart, and anger becomes a way of life, consider moving! There is no amount of bleach that will make it okay for the person who has developed the allergy. Plus, the bleach is really bad for people like us. We couldn’t even take one piece of paper with us, as it is now contaminated and it makes me sick. Now we live in a tiny, 2-bedroom, very clean apartment on a slab (leaving my 3,000 sq. ft. house). It is worth it! Next house we buy will include an very thorough testing before signing the contract!

lorraine decristoforo March 15, 2008 - 12:44 am

I lived in an apartment that started to flood and never stopped. Mold had grown everywhere. The manager was aware of this and was cited to have a mold level test and fix other serious deficiencies that they never did. I have a compromised immune system and liver disease. My ammonia level went sky high. It was not like that until I moved into this apartment and stopped when I moved out. It was a revolving door. I was hospitalized and had many ER visits buy rescue.

I was in Respiratory ICU for three weeks after two months at new place. The last time I became ill was right before I moved out. My family had not heard from me for four days. My son crawled through my bedroom window and found me sitting in bed, half dress, knotted hair, and dry bloody lips, semi-comatose and half-dead. I had not left my bed for four days, so you can imagine what my son saw. He called 911 and called my mom sobbing. I was rushed to the Trauma Center, last rights, admitted into ICU. I didn‘t know anyone and I did not talk, I babbled. I have three sisters that are nurses; they said they believed they were going to leave the hospital without me.

I barely made it, and then I went to a psychiatric hospital. I could not talk right, I forgot common words, did not recognize my sons, grandchildren and family. I could not write legibly, make change from $1 and I was talking as if it was 1976-1979 when I was in high school. I was talking about the blizzard of 1978, high school friends & boyfriend, my teachers, a fatal car accident I saw, my Spanish teacher. When my sons and grandchildren came up to see me, I was confused. I knew them, but I could not figure out who they really were. I did not want to tell anyone about all of this; because I was afraid, they would not let me go home.

Finally, my dad told me that was many years ago. I was puzzled. I did not know how he could have been so old. I did not want to hurt anyone feelings, so, I shut up, and lived in my world. I became very angry and demanded to go home. They discharged me. I did not know why they did that until I went home. I had Hospice Care. My family told me that they take care of people who are very sick and not necessarily dying. They tried to talk me into going to a nursing home. When I got home, I could not figure out why I had my own apartment. I was so mentally messed up. The Hospice nurses did not believe I had much more time to live. I did.

I could not dress myself, bath myself, fix my meals, drive my car and did not want to answer my phone. I did strange things, and I still do not know what I was thinking. I took pictures of my family and started tearing them up. I saved some people’s pictures, but I through out the other half. Hospice helped me find another apartment, pack and move. I do not know how I did it, but I did. I moved into my new apartment, Hospice discharged me within two weeks, and I have not been sick since then. I still feel beat up by all that happened physically and mentally. I am well, but still not as I was before this happened. I never told my family this story; it was too hard to explain everything. Now, I will let my family read this email, so I do not have to relive this nightmare ever again.

Joslyn March 17, 2008 - 11:03 am

Lorraine, thank you so much for your story. That’s amazing and truly shows the damage that mold can make in one individual’s life.

I wish you the best of health,

Joslyn from the MoldBlogger team

lorraine decristoforo March 20, 2008 - 6:55 pm

Hello Joslyn and the team,

Thank you for your reply and your determination to get this out there to the public. I would like to express my sorrow to those who have lost loved one, and thank them for their courage of carrying this important message despite their pain. Sadly, the owners of the apartment complex could not wait for me to move. They had full knowledge of the mold infestation and my many hospitalizations nearly dying. I did call Housing Authority, and they were cited. I was moving anyway, however, not as quick as they would have liked. They would not receive rent, until the deficiencies were fixed. Therefore, they eliminated the least costly problem, me. Now, they are renting to others. I do not want to be arrested for trespassing; however, I will find a way to reach other tenants. Any suggestions…..

Lorraine DeCristoforo

Joslyn March 26, 2008 - 5:38 pm


I think you’ve done a wonderful job in letting others know.

With such a heavy mold infestation, it won’t be long before the new renters realize the problem. Then, with more supporters against the landlords, there will be a higher chance of getting action for mold remediation procedures.

I would, without trespassing or imposing on their rights, talk with the new tenants to see if they are experiencing the same or similar problems, and if they would be willing to join the fight against mold with you.

Have a Wonderful Day!

Joslyn from the MoldBlogger team

Lorraine April 14, 2008 - 1:54 am

Hi Joslyn and team,

It has been quite sometime since I visited this website and read my blog and other’s.
Often, I have this terrifying feeling inside, and I have to stop to think about what it is that is so tragic. When I realize that my sons are OK, I then realize it was the, “mold.” What a frightening word. Something I never thought about before. I still break down and cry, which is quite odd for me.
I’ve been through some tragedies, but this one “gets me.”
An attorney said something like, you’ve faced terminal illnesses before, like I have had practice at this, a pro… I thought it through and realized, I have been given a death sentence with my liver disease, but I never look death in the eye. For me, that is a huge difference.

Naomi November 6, 2008 - 12:21 am

I’m a little bit concerned. I’ve been living in a basement apartment for four months and I just pulled the bed out from the wall today and there’s all kinds of mold growing on the baseboards. It’s scary because I’ve been sleeping in the room for this long! I’ve been sick off and on since I moved here and have had a lot of really terrible migraines. I have also had allergic reactions to things that I never seemed to be allergic to before and my chest hurts. I’ve already given my notice to tell the people I’m moving out but I’m afraid to live here even one more day…yikes!

JD March 27, 2009 - 10:26 am

Thanks all of you for sharing. I’ve had serious short term memory loss lately that seemed to come out of the blue. I have been living in a house with mold under the leaky kitchen sink for about nine months and wonder if that could be a cause. I live in Italy, where I don’t speak the language so well and building codes are not exactly up to US standards (no fire alarms or extinguishers!) I am definitely considering moving soon and see if my condition improves!

TERILYN April 6, 2009 - 3:55 am

I lived in a house with toxic mold,I moved out 5 months ago,just recently I was going through a box in the garage most of my things were left behind or thrown out while looking in the box my throat started hurting,my mouth became very dry and I felt a familiar burning on my face as I did before,can the toxins be in the air? Can toxins survive here too this is a newer home as the other but this one has no mold in the walls,if Toxins are in the air now how long will they stay? thank you. Teri Lynn Novak

MoniqueS July 29, 2009 - 12:49 am

I am a care giver, my client lives in a very old trailer house. There is mold everywhere! I have never had allergies in my life, now I find that I have Hay fever, I get to work and my nose and eyes run, for the last two weeks or so I even feel nautious there.

I am reading about the depression being caused by mold exposure. I’m wondering about that, I’ve been pretty crabby lately, well for the last year I think.

Edgar Leeber November 1, 2009 - 3:56 pm

Great site. Mold will continue to be an issue with homeowners. I’ve had many troubles. Keep up the great work!

Philip November 3, 2009 - 4:44 am

Hi, I have recently been exposed to mould. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my partner and 2 children. Our baby is in the room with us. Its a pretty small master bedroom with an ensuite. The ensuite had a leak behind the wall for months and we only realised this when the timber around it looked damp. Then we noticed mould was growing on the walls on our bedroom. I started to complain about a musty smell. I also noticed i was getting colds and flus and was very tired all the time. The up to 3 weeks ago my breathing start getting worse at night. Then it was getting much worse every night until i couldnt take it anymore. I went to the Dr. She gave me antibiotics for a chest infection. They did nothing for me, i then went back and she gave me an inhalor and sent me for a chest xray with a note saying “check for ‘something?’ fibrosis”. Now im waiting for the results and moved to my parent home. My breathing has much improved at night but im still coughing like mad throughout the day and night. My breathing is still a tiny bit tight now but the improvement is 80%. Im just hoping the dr. doesnt tell me the worst. Is this normal woth other mould sufferers and is it possible to get fibrosis from mould exposure?? And if its not Fibrosis could i have a permenant lung problem now?????

Judith December 6, 2009 - 12:42 am

I appreciate all who shared your stories, because they make me feel less alone. I don’t havethe energy to tell my story, but suffice it to say that I was exposed to a tremendous amout of mold, over a period of time, and now have Addison’s Disease.
What has been a sheer Hell for me, has been my crazy ability to detect those certain spores or toxins on family members who come over after having been in thatsame apt. (in the woods) I get strange symptoms, like my eyes blinking or squeezing shut, a clicking or cracking sound inmy head, joints popping, and a ‘stupid’, pressure-like feeling in my head, as wellas inability to think well, and often, anger.
When I hold objects the exposed people have brought over, I get those same symptoms…everything gets contaminated!
I wish to God, I didn’t have this terrible ability to detect it,as it makes me so miserable (forgot to mention anxiety and depression, as well!)and it has cost me not only my health, but the love and support of my family…I feel so very alone in this. Thank you all, for understanding, and I hope you all get relief from this devastating problem.

jerry jacson December 10, 2009 - 2:27 am

very interesting and helpful article to increase knowledge about health and mold.In recent time we should be familiar with that type of health issues.
thank you.

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Karen Wrenn March 3, 2010 - 9:57 pm

I’m going through so many similar issues with my 20 year old daughter. She is having symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, severe body aches, confusion, short term memory loss and headaches. Also, realizing that my husband is having reoccuring migraines, and my son has a chronic cough, sinus infections, etc. I decided to do some research on my own. My daughter has been to many doctors, ER visits, allergy tests, etc and no one has mentioned mold exposure. All bloodwork comes back normal. IS there a medication she can take to get better? Also, we are in the process of cleaning our home of mold after high levels of mold were found in the basement.

beverly March 15, 2010 - 9:53 am

I`m broken out with large welts,tired,headaches,muscle cramping and I have visible mold growing everywhere in my home.I so overwhelmed.Can someone please help me.Also am in great financial dept.

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Cherie Blackmore April 20, 2010 - 11:49 am

This info is for Karen Wrenn: My story starts 3 years ago and two buildings ago my employer put us the employees two mold contanimated building to work in. I was a former United States Marine in top shape. In 2006, my employer put me and several employees in a toxic mold building, I had became very ill and complained, and they advised me I was having a mid life crises and mold could not make you sick. They suggested that I needed to see a psychiatrist. However, I tested the office myself and took picutes, with this proof, they moved me to a clean environment. Then a year later, again they moved the entire firm into a 100 year old building that flooded every time it rained, and had mold in it before they moved the employees in it. They ignored my warning in the first building. The building also suffered 3 sewage leaks. The firm tested and found toxic mold which showed up as high levels of mold spores, Stachybotrys Chartarum being one of the molds found in the building. After a year in the 100 year old building, we were deathly sick. The firm even had somone spray mold killer spay during working hours. OSHA came to the office, and the employer gave OSHA a bogus mold test saying there was no mold in the building and OSHA closed the case. OSHA never received the toxic mold test we found in one of the lawyer’s offices during the move. After a year, the attorneys were sick so they moved, but didn’t de-contaminate nothing, and had us the employees wipe down all the furniture without masks or any protective gear. At this point the employees still didn’t know about the Stachybotrys Chartarum in the building. After the cleaning I did for the move I became deathly sick. I now have mold in my body, my lungs, it effected my heart, my brain. Anyway, I researched and researched. I found Biosigns from Atlanta who sent a nurse to draw my blood to see if I had fungus in my blood, because no doctors in Mississippi had clue about the toxic effects of mold. I went to an allergist, not allergic to mold, I went to doctor after doctor and was getting frustrated because I was deathly sick. My level of fungus in my blood was off the chart. Then I contacted Dr. Andrew Campbell from Houston, TX, he specializes in Toxic Mold Exposure. He diagnosed me and is now presently treating my condition with IVIG treatments, and it could take up to two years after the toxic mold exposure. Needless to say, since the employer did not reveal the toxic levels of mold to the employees (it was seen all over the building), a lawsuit has been filed. Mold is ignored in MS. Doctor’s here in the south don’t even know how to test for this disease, that is why I travel to Texas…I hope this has helped many other victims.

delia negron September 6, 2010 - 6:22 pm

I would like to know what can I do to find out if the exposure that I had few years back with mole Greenish/Black all over my bedroom walls and bathroom and fungus growing from beneath the walls with me being the one cleaning it – would cause to me as a health issue.

delia negron September 6, 2010 - 6:25 pm

I was living in a home that was covered with mole on the walls of the house more in the restroom and bath and also fungus (mushroom looking flower)growing from beneath the walls in the garage with me being the sole person cleaning it daily – what can be the cause or health issues that I can be facing today.

Terilyn November 16, 2010 - 10:57 am

I lived in a home with toxic mold and yes it will make you sick very sick,i watched it change me and my kids and each person that entered my home and i watched in the short 5 months i lived there two of my animals die.I went to Home Depot and bought a mold test kit then sent it off which cost total under 30.oo with lab work and all,mold clean up companies cost in the 1,000’s if you are going to take your case to court be prepared with every inch of paper trail you can get from day one pictures,video’s if you have one,doctor visits,emergency room visits,witnesses,e-mail,save everything and find a Lawyer with experience or you are wasting your time,mold cases are very hard to prove even with proof believe me I lived it. Some people are allergic to mold and some like us are not but Toxic Mold affects everyone and everything you do not half to be allergic to toxic mold for it to affect you,no matter how strong or healthy you are even a few minutes in the area of toxic mold if you are not aware of it you will have a cold or sore throat or similiar,we our entire family even pets with in 2 months had colds,sore throat,eyes watered,red spots,stomach hurt,head ache,i coughed 2 months my doctor thought i might have lung cancer but xray ruled that out,our cat was dead in 3 days of being in the toxic area (no idea we had toxic mold at that time)toxic mold is silent you are being affected and don’t even know it,if you see mold have it tested cause toxic mold must be cleaned and the sourse for it growing in the first place be found or it will come back if it is even really gone, it will kill you if you don’t kill it first. you can send me questions to [email protected] good luck…

Peggy H. November 30, 2010 - 8:33 pm

I recently moved back to Wisconsin to take care of my Mom after being in KS for the past 12 years.
I’m not sure if my Moms’ symptoms are related to mold, but am hoping somebody can email me back with some answers. My Mom is 73 years old and was recently diagnosed with depression, however,she has some of the symptoms associated with mold from what I have read in the blogs. Her symptoms are as follows: severe trembling,uncontrolllable voice tics, i.e. she says “Oh” “Oh my God” “What did I do” constantly pacing the floor,eyes watering, hard coughing, confused, anxiety etc.
After being in her home after 3 days, I became VERY ill. After I was better,I went on a 3 day break, and when I returned to Mom’s home, I became sick all over again.
PLEASE… I need help to find out what has happened to Mom. If anybody has any answers to this, please email me back, I need all the help I can get

Michele Hockwalt January 19, 2011 - 2:30 pm

Hi Joslyn, Jonathan, and Joshua

I work for a company who has developed a product that is effective and safe against mold. I would like to recommend for them to send you guys a sample of the product to check out. Are you receptive to that? If so, where may I have them ship?

Love your content.


Mary Allegar February 21, 2011 - 2:21 pm

My husband and I lived in a rented house. One and a half months after moving into the house he developed bronchitis. He had Hep C and 1 year to the day we moved in to the house he died. I also had chronic bronchial problems, but continued to live there for 2 more years. After many bouts with bronchitis, 6 months later he was in and out of the hospital 16 times. He died of Pneumonia. I moved out 2 months ago, during a bout of pneumonia myself. The new tenant contacted me a few days ago. SHe has felt ill, her boyfriend has developed pneumonia, and had the house checked for mold. The inspector said in all of his work, this was as bad as he has ever seen. Not only is the mold under the house but also in the attic due to improper insulation. The house was built in the 70’s. The owner is a realtor, and should have disclosed this issue or had the house checked. I am NOW sure that the house not only killed my husband, but caused my illnesses as well. Now that I know that there is mold and issues with the house, do I have any recourse with the landlord?

Health Risks of Toxic Mold « Atlantic Environmental Solutions February 24, 2011 - 9:23 pm

[…] a humid area you are very liable to experience health risks related to toxic mold. As explained in this article, Black Mold is a greenish-black fungi found worldwide that colonizes particularly well in […]

jenny May 5, 2011 - 7:45 am

hi im wondering if you could get sick a year or two later after being exposed to mold in apartment it was so bad that you could really smell it and as soon as you opened the front door if you werent familiar with the apartment living enviorment your breath would be taking AWAY ! ANYWAYS I JUST WANTED TO KNOW THIS BECAUSE I RECENTLY GOT DIAGNOSED WITH SINUSITIS BUT THE DANGEROUS KIND AND I WAS WONDERING IF THAT COULD BE A AFTER RESULT BEING EXPOSED TO THE TOXIC AND NON TOXIC MOLDS IN MY HOME?

Kelly May 11, 2011 - 6:12 am

this is in response to steves post from january 24 of 2010..

The manner in which you mock this subject is very disturbing. It makes me think that you may possibly be an ‘angry owner’ of a ‘toxic mold farm’ that has gotten you in some trouble. These people have health problems caused by toxic mold, not bread mold. My mother is dying from the same thing, and I blame the management for her illness because THEY neglected to repair water damages from 5 yrs ago, and many since then, even though we requested it repeatedly. If we had known there was so much mold, we would have NEVER stayed so long. My mother had respitory illness already, so the effects of mold poisoning are severe. The other people living there have all had their share of illness. It isn’t a joke. Mold IS horrible. Thats why it is described as horrible. Mock on, but don’t think you are clever or funny.. It’s just wierd and ignorant….oh yeah, and guilty of bieng negligent.

Tiffany July 7, 2011 - 3:50 am

Kelly, I completely agree with you!! It’s disgusting!! I wonder how he would feel if it were him, or his mother!! Then, people like him “might”, (but I doubt it) understand what it’s like being the victim and people like that have to almost die themselves before they could EVER put themselves in someone else’s shoes!! I do not believe his comment should even be allowed to remain on this site!!! SICKO

Adam August 23, 2011 - 12:36 pm

Has anyone had any luck finding a mold cleaner that not only cleans, but prevents mold from coming back in consistently wet/damp areas?

Heather September 4, 2011 - 9:13 pm

I would like to know how to get a college dorm room and science building tested for this mold? My daughter has most of these symptoms and we have had her tested for everything. We are trying to make an appointment for her to see a lung specialist.

Cindy October 8, 2011 - 9:31 pm

I work in a large building built in the 70’s. In the current economic situation, I am afraid to say anything for fear of losing my job. However, this building has mold – I’ve talked to the A/C men when they come out, and they’ve told me they’ve seen it in the air ducts. Last February, I was admitted to the hospital and nearly died from bacterial pnemonia. I’ve read up on all the typical symptoms of mold related illnesses, and I am experiencing most all of them. There are MANY others that work in this building that are sick too – I hear a lot of coughing, hear of sinus infections, etc…. Honestly, I think everyone feels as I do, afraid to say anything out of fear of losing their job. You can smell it when you walk inside. There have been numerous water leaks left uncleaned, damaged ceiling tiles, etc… WHO can I contact to HELP? I’ve been told OSHA, but to report to them, one FIRST has to go to management and tell them your concerns. Does no organization exist that can be confidentially contacted with a request to investigate?

Angel October 16, 2011 - 1:07 am

i lie in a apt building highrise and when i first moved into my apt over a year ago i was fine i didnt get sick i felt fine three months after i lived here there was a fire three floors above me all the water from the sprinklers in his apt and the fireman came into my apt in every room almost a year later i come into my apt it smells musty and i get headaches tight chest i been sick three times in the last year with bronchitis i itch to the point that scratching dont relieve it could i have mold and not see it? my landlord tested the apt at least thats what she said she done right after the flood was cleaned up and she said there was no mold whats weird i buy bread i leave it out it gets moldy overnight if i put it in fridge its fine for weeks

Frank Pereira October 17, 2011 - 7:39 pm

Week 25 still feel the same as I did in April 2011, sunday october 16th was the first day I felt pretty good until that night. My head and vision scared the crap out of me until I layed back down and then the morning was right back to the same off balance feeling. Really…is it MOLD? WTF please go away!!!!!!!!!!! Any mold victims experience something this long? Was never like this before April!!

I lived in a basement apartment for 2 months and developed these off balance feelings. ENT told me it was the mold and the test proved it seeing I am allergic to all molds, ENT did mention I should feel better once the first frost arrives. I wait everyday. I can deal with it some day but on others I get scared. Was checked for vertigo and nothing. I knew an older lady that live there before me that had the same symptoms she cleared up after 4 months. When will I be normal again?

Fort Lauderdale Mold Inspection October 28, 2011 - 10:39 pm

This is in response to Heather.

I would contact the university directly and express your concern. People always come to me saying should I contact this organization or contact this lawyer?

Usually when I ask them if they even talked to the landlord they say no and the matter is resolved with little hassle because the landlord/property manager wants it taken care of as well.

When people like lawyers and health organizations get involved it takes alot of time and often times nobody wins (Except the lawyers $$). So try to explore the easiest routes possible first and hope they are willing to help.

mold inspection November 27, 2011 - 6:27 am

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lucy creta February 2, 2012 - 12:24 pm

I have lived in a rented 100+ yr old victorian house for 4 yrs…the last 3 always getting sick, or just plain tired….the last few months ,parasites ,,me, my 15 yr old son, and 15lb dog all have them, yet , all tests come back negative!!! Even the dogs and u can see the worms, bugs ,plain as day… I have taken parasite cleanser, bentonite clay , premixed, as well as my son, and dog. I am going to a
” wellness center ” in a few days. don’t understand why dr can’t find anything, worms and bugs are big. Can you help? Thanks

May February 7, 2012 - 5:38 pm

I use dettol mould and mildew spray it does help but the smell is a bit strong so be sure to use a mask and gloves when cleaning and dont forget to open the windows. Our place has moulds weve been here for 2 years now. Im worried about our health especially with my little one. We on tight budget so we couldnt move out. I do get depressed living in here just knowing we have moulds here and my partner will just say that its only moulds it wont make you sick. Im sleepy and tired all the time not sure whether its because of the moulds or lack of excercise its winter time here and i dont go out much. Im having headaches and backaches quite a lot too.

Faith February 7, 2012 - 11:15 pm

You can clean the mold with borax and hydrogen peroxide…but it will come back if the SOURCE is not eliminated. You can also clean the air ducts, that is where it is being circulated. You have to REBUILD your immune system otherwise it will be a lifelong problem, even AFTER getting out of the place. It is absorbed via the skin, sinuses, mouth, head, etc. It is in the body, then because it is there parasites set up shop, then viruses. It is not a joke, and I BELIEVE, the center of most diseases, including cancer. Check out the cancer connection with mold… Doctors’ know the cause, most!

Dawn February 17, 2012 - 1:25 am

I mainly have a couple of questions if anyone could give me some insight. I work for a company in Texas that had flooded a couple of times and there have been numerous rumors about mold being seen flying out of the air ducts. As I read some of the symptoms above I have 5 out of 10 symptoms and I just feel lime i’m getting worse and worse. I went to the doc for the first time because I couldn’t breathe and was told I had a upper respirtatory infection. As soon as I finished the medication I felt like I had the flu and went back, I then got diagnosed with sinusitis, something to do with allergies, and asthma, since then I feel weaker and weaker & much more fatigued than I have ever been. I am just curious if this could be mold related and if I should be looking for a specialist. And if I do need to look for a specialist what should I be searching for (ie name of specialty).

Ariel Robin Gibson February 19, 2012 - 12:42 am

I live in a trailor, I moved here because I didn’t have anywhere to go. There’s not many places to move here, and I don’t have a lot of money. Once I was gone here and all my furniture molded. I know I have to use a lot of tissue! There’s mold everywhere, in cabinets,roof leaking.(Landlord don’t care and this is HUD approved.How?) I am disabled. Trying to get better, but this hasn’t helped. I was concerned so I found this site. I have lived here 7 years now. I didn’t understand how bad mold is, until I read this. Thanks for the site!I pray God willing I leave soon.

casey February 28, 2012 - 7:51 pm

Can someone email me testing you can do on both the body and home to see if its indeed mold that could be the cause of my family’s and my problems. Our house substained horrible fire damage after months of leaks and I’m afraid the clean-up was not so thorough as we are all dying of something now, all five of us. Obviously we haven’t many to rely on as were all desperately trying tgo support eachother as we each fall down… its a nightmare and I’m truely sorry for each person that has suffered anything like it.

Jennifer March 5, 2012 - 1:50 pm

I am pretty sure the house I rent has a black mold problem. I cannot get my landlord to take care of it. He fixed the leaking roof but swears what I thought was mold was just wet wood. We know for sure we had mold under the leaking sink, he removed it but didn’t test it. I have migraine sydrome but my migraines have never had one for this long. I have also never been this sick. I have had my flu shots but I cannot get rid of my throat infections, sinus infections, and the flu. I have been sick for 7 months. Here is the worst part of the whole situation. I am a mommy of three babies ages 3, 2, and 3 months. They have had the same issues as me for longer then me! I can’t get any help from anyone. The doctors say it could be it may not be sorry I can’t answer your questions. I cannot get the state lady to call me my land lord wont help and I am very scared for my family! My kids have been so sick they are all loosing weight like crazy. Some one tell me what to do! I am only 21 and have never dealt with things like this. And I can’t get anyone to take me seriously!

T....S March 23, 2012 - 12:51 pm

dear Team, one and a Half Years ago, I Was Offered to Buy a Modular Home , By A Sooooo Called friend, and Was NOT Told about The Water Damage,Past and Present…Water pouring in the Walls and Ceilings…and Her fater dying in here and Laying here for days…Since I have moved in..one and a half years ago..(including the day I Moved in with Water Pouring in the Windows, Walls, Etc.)..I have had Bronchitus, Bronchial Pnemonia, Ill…And Had a TIA,..Loss Of Limbs..and Now My Dogs are Showing the Same signs…What Recourse Do I Have Since ALL OF THIS WAS NEVER Disclosed, Especially since my Pets and I are being Affected Physically….PLEASE HELP…T

Lewis Wilkins June 1, 2012 - 12:36 pm

I moved in with my girlfriend 7 months ago after having serious problems with my old flatmates, so decided i would move into hers. Before long we noticed slight mold patched growing in the corners of the bedroom above where we sleep. We rented out a room that was an old converted garage and had zero insulation. Over winter it measured 2.3 degrees Celsius and humidity of …get this… 99 percent. We lived here for at least 4 months. By the end the ceiling was covered in at least 20 patches of mold measuring anywhere between 3 inches to 15 inches in size. Clothes in the wardrobe were moldy, the underside of the mattress was moldy. I then had a severe reaction to it. I had a fever over 40 celcius for two weeks with a serious lower chest infection. I was prescribed two weeks of 1000mg antibiotics. And have been ill on and off for the past month after movign in after the landlord merely “bleached and covered” the bad parts. I have also been getting very and i mean very severe bouts of depression. I have never suffered before at all. But i was having horrible thoughts, i wanted to be alone, i didnt want to see anyone. I didnt want to be with my girlfriend anymore, however i didnt have any suicidal thoughts thankfully. I saw the doctor who said i had anxiety and depression. My girlfriend and i moved out of the room while renovations were being done and i got a lot better, the depression was gone, the anxiety was gone, the rash i developed cleared up nearly all symptoms were gone. We then moved back in after renovations and a new heater had been fitted. However the humidity is still reaching 75-80% and the heat around 20 celcius. I have now got cold sore throat symptoms…others in the house have started getting nosebleeds, another in the house has been diagnosed with depression and i have been getting slightly more depressed again. I truly believe this is down to the mold in the bedroom. It has been horrible living like this where nothing excites you anymore,where you are always tired and dont want to get up in the morning. This only makes things worse as all i was doing was staying in the moldy infested room making things worse. We are thankfully moving outo next week, so shall hope that the symptoms finally go! please anyone who thinks they may have a mold problem and are experiencing any symptoms, dont let the doctor fob you off with some terrible diagnosis. Check the mold out and get it sorted or move out. I never realised how dangerous it was. Look up the symptoms of the mycotoxins they produce. It is scary to say the least. So yea, hope you all get your situations sorted and please dont leave it any longer anyone who thinks they have this problem…trust me…its a doozy!!

Deloris Childress June 6, 2012 - 4:03 am

My wife was exposed to black mold growing in our basement. She has since experienced some mild liver damage, but worst of all Fibromyalgia and non-diabetic Neuropathy. Her pain is non-stop and continues to increase though we have left this home. She has spent countless hours at emergency rooms and accumulated tens of thousands in unpaid medical bills. For some reason her insurance has denied many ER claims. Has anyone else experienced nerve damage due to mold exposure? It is the only thing we can attribute her condition to.

Tammy Mack July 10, 2012 - 4:39 pm

I was at work and opened a storage room door and was inadated with mold.It burned my throat and nose and now i am sick.Sneezing,running/stuffy nose and stomach issues.Could this related to the amount of mold that i inhaled when i opened the door? I was fine until that happened.

J Wasserman September 1, 2012 - 2:56 pm

Our whole building is very damp from all the rains and we have noticed black mold inside our apartment. Who are the best people to contact here in South Africa to check on Mold and damp walls of which the paint work are all bubbling from very damp walls. How much do they charge to test our apartment and if it is healthy living here with mold? We are both getting sick since we moved in.

Ally September 5, 2012 - 11:43 am

This is extremely important information that everyone needs to be aware of ! So many people put of mold when they see. If there is little spots where mold is growing, many ignore it and do not realize that it will not go away on it’s own, and will increase in size. People do not also realize or understand the health risks associated with mold! Great post, we really enjoyed it.

Fire Damage Restoration Service ny September 20, 2012 - 1:15 am

Health related issues are the major consequences of the mold and mildew as it is very toxic in nature and cause various allergies to the people who came in contact with it.Last year my brother had a severe allergy of mold in the lungs which takes a lot of time to gain healthy state back.

Terry Etter October 8, 2012 - 6:39 pm

I have been living here for 7 or 8 years and have been sicker and sicker since I have been here. I have nosebleeds, back problems, kneeproblems, developed arthritis( Im only 34), feel disoriented some days, and stay sick. My joints are getting where I cant walk some days. They diagnosed me with all kind of pulmonary disorders but never really could figure out what and have charged over 50,000 . I have always been a hard worker and never quit. Now I keep getting sick and cant work. I need help, do you think this is the mold???? Many other problems with insides to embarrassing to list.

Arline Hodges October 13, 2012 - 5:16 pm

I can’t find a doctor to help me. Is there a health program I can follow or can I go to somewhere to get detoxed? Is this a deductible medical item? What would I ask a doctor to do? My doctor has only treated symptoms to no avail. Your help would be much appreciated.

Toby Oliver October 16, 2012 - 9:32 pm

Thankyou everyone for your stories….it just confirms what has been going on for me. I worked in a mouldy environment for 3 months, working for the government as a manager. After a couple of weeks i started feeling dizzy and getting fuzzy vision and feeling incredibly lethargic. Towards the end i was unable to think properly and would forgot where i parked my vehicle etc. I have now been off work for 3 weeks and i still feel unwell. I have been eating organic food, getting massage, accupunture and have cut out all toxins and i am starting to get better. I was wandering if anybody new of any medical tests you can take to prove you have mould poisoning; as i have now lost my position at work
Thanking you

Faith November 23, 2012 - 6:50 pm

Go to curezone and start doing the flushes. Begin with the colon and go from there. Don’t limit foods, but eat WHOLE foods with plenty of protein, plenty of coconut oil, plenty of PURE FISH OIL, not soy oil. You need balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, especially dark green leafy, potatoes, grains like oat bran, wheat bran, rice bran, and homemade cultured fermented foods. You need detox baths or saunas to detox. You need extra nutrients which you can get from plenty of SEA WEEDS, dulse, kelp, etc. Buy it by the pound from Seacoast Maine Vegetables…they are the purist, no affiliation, after years of purchasing elsewhere. You need tablespoons of this stuff because mold dehydrates the body…drink plenty of water…do the WATER CURE with a pinch of SEA SALT in each glass of water you drink. Get Magnesium Chloride and DO OIL PULLING, then a magnesium chloride pull like oil pulling…three times a day. Mold dehydrates the mouth….you have to remineralize it with magnesium chloride…use it as your rinse with peppermint oil added or eucalyptus… Brush your teeth with baking soda and sea salt…..and rinse initially with one tsp of sea salt to warm water… You need digestive enzymes with OX BILE…eventually taking double the dosage…mold settles in the colon. MOLD CAUSES CANCER!!!

chris grogan February 5, 2013 - 2:11 pm

me and my partner are currently bedded down in hospital, i was brought in with suspected heart attack, and or maybee an ulcer but im having breathing problems….im 29 …my partner is being sick, migranes excrusiating chest pains and loss of vision…the mold in are room is growing at a high rate and we told our landlord over a month and a half ago…..nothing has been done at all…the reason i was on this site is because i thought i was very odd for two young people to be admitted to hospital for no apperent reason? could this be the problem, and shall i get my self a solicitor?

Vanessa Hanchett February 21, 2013 - 6:10 pm

Im 18 yrs old and have a 6 month old daughter. I went into the attic of our rental home in mid december of 2012 and ended of with a runny and stuff nose and dried lips for 4 to 5 days. Then 3 in a half days ago I went into it again to move the rest of our stuff out immediately that night I started with a headache, stuffy nose, itchy and sore throat and watery eyes and its still happening and getting worse I didnt even know it was happening to my daughter as well until I took her to the dr. Yesterday and found out she has a severe ear infection in both ears due to her boogers leaking deep into her sinus cavities. So im glad we got out of there before she got worse.

Mitch February 26, 2013 - 3:09 am

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Samantha April 30, 2013 - 1:37 pm

We have just Moved into a new rental property and there is spotty mold mainly in the lounge room, and a little in the main bathroom. My partner is showing hay fever symptoms and complained of foggy vision. I rang the real estate and they said they will repaint the lounge room. Is this enough? Will it not just come back through the new paint or something? Please help, I am so worried

illuminati nwo June 19, 2013 - 2:10 pm

Great information. Lucky me I found your website by chance (stumbleupon).
I’ve book-marked it for later!

BrianReeves June 19, 2013 - 2:17 pm

Glad you stumbled onto MoldBlogger.com. Looking forward to sharing more information here soon!

Jeannr July 15, 2013 - 4:54 am

Two years ago, I discovered that I had been living in a toxic mold environment for years. I left my home 3 times for extended periods of time while the house was remediated. The tests all show that the mold has been removed and should be safe.

However, I continue to have “fibromyalgia-type” pain… terrible pain! I HAVE EXTREME DIFFICULTY WALKING AND SWOLLEN FEET AND LEGS. My family now thinks I am nuts for sure.

I was a patient of Dr. Shoemaker, who worked miracles for me. I am going to the West Coast to see Dr. Raj Patel, who hasbeen certified by Dr. Shoemaker. My difficulty in leaving this house forever is that I have an office here. And surprisingly, last year toxic mold was found there as well and remediated successfully!

My questions:
1.Do other people have problems walking as a result of toxic mold?
2.Do some people continue to have physical problems in an environment which once had toxic mold but now is deemed “safe”. I guess another way of asking…are some environments never again safe for the “immuno-compromised” and those who have the dreaded DNA type susceptible to exposure.

I want to move to an environment which is not as damp and humid…maybe the desert area of So. CA. I certainly will have the house tested before I move there. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Jacqueline July 18, 2013 - 11:34 am

Wow! Thanks and more thanks!

lydia September 3, 2013 - 5:12 am


I am always sick and since my boyfriend moved in, he is always sick too. It is like we permanently have flu or headaches. We recently noticed that an adjoining storage room has really bad mold in the old ceiling boards. The roof leaks. Our air vents share a ceiling space with that room so I realised today that this is probably what is making us sick all the time. We live in South Africa. Who can I contact regarding this? Getting the mould tested. We closed off all the air vents, will this help??

Lori S. September 11, 2013 - 12:34 pm

My fiancé and I live in a basement apartment there is so much moisture in the air the apartment floods when it rains and now mold is EVERYWHERE. Its growing on the walls, the floor, the counters, our property, the dishes, our clothing its disgusting.Now my fiancé is having trouble breathing I put my hands on his chest and can feel the raspyness in his chest he’s constantly coughing things up and can’t take a deep breath at all. I told the landlord when everything started he straight out told us he’s not going to do anything to fix it. My fiancé contacted the local health department and they said that they couldn’t do anything. I called a day later now a health inspector is coming to see the entire building. The health department said we aren’t the only ones making the complaints. I just need to know if my fiancé is safe or should I get him real medical help?

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Nicole June 15, 2014 - 2:08 am

I believe my family and I are in danger by living at my home.We moved in here a year ago and ever since then there hasn’t been a day go by that one of us hasn’t been sick with something.My mother suffers from copd and diabetic.She has had these health problem’s for a couple of years and no issues with them until we moved into here.She has had bacteria pneumonia 3 times she is suffering at this moment with this but the last time she almost didn’t make it because we had no idea she was sick.She showed no signs of coughing or anything to suggest this type of sickness by grace of god she had a lump on her head she was worried about and she went to the emergency room luckily they toke a x-Ray to see if there was anything there to suggest a cause of the lump and they found she had pneumonia in both her lungs and the infection was bad it spread to her brain.Also my children and I have been sick with fever’s,cough,runny noses,sore throat’s,diarrhea,puking,mood swings,we are always tired and have no energy most days.I suffer from asthma myself and now a days I have to use my inhaler everyday and sometimes a couple of times a day.I never had to this before cause my asthma would only bother me like once a year when I would get sick with a cold never have I had to use it just walking up the stairs like I do now.And now my kids are having fevers started yesterday with the diarrhea again.I didn’t understand why we were getting sick until my brother told me to look around for mold so I went exploring last night and found in the basement it is everywhere.There’s black mold in some area’s and fuzzy white mold in others.I am very concerned about my family’s health and I’m not sure where to start with this.And should I take my family away until we can resolve this?And where should I go to see if my findings is the reason’s we are all sick.Please help I don’t know what to do.

Belinda July 22, 2014 - 9:50 am

that I am looking for to feel comfortable living here again? Thanks!

patricia July 26, 2014 - 12:07 am

can you advise me where can i get tested for mold i am suffering from severe sinus i am suspecting mold where i stay theres fungus as a result my pillows are affected ie having dark spots

Latrice Coleman August 21, 2014 - 10:42 pm

I think insulation and mold is in my house. I have kids ,i think someone is doing it to harm us. I can’t do anything about it, i have no where to go. I always feel abnormal. Dust stay in my home no matter how much i clean. Basement stay damp. My dog have a throat infection. I really need help and no one want listen to me. Latrice C

Latrice Coleman August 21, 2014 - 10:48 pm

I really need help, i think someone puttin. insulation. poisoning causing mold. O have kids. A lot of strange thing been happening an i can’t stop it, me and my kids have no where to go . What do i do?

roya September 1, 2014 - 9:48 am

I have been living in my apartment for the past 6 months. I found out recently that the sink hose (the kind that you pull out in the kitchen sink to rinse) has been infected with mold. I was not noticing it since I mostly cooked with the water and lately I started taking my allergy medication so I could really taste and smell better. I could taste the water tasted moldy. I checked the hose and smelled it and it smelled like strong mold. I have been drinking this water for the past 6 months. What are the health risks?

Elizabeth Quackenbush September 6, 2014 - 8:11 am

Believe mold under trailer coming up through floor. Can’t use electric

Brenda Texas September 18, 2014 - 8:44 am

My Husband went through this after tearing out our bathroom which had been leaking under the house for years, We had been cleaning mold everywhere in the house until he remodeled and found it he use a dust mask and air cleaner but it still got him, He lost his memory,ability to think clearly, balance, and did have hallucinations, and very sick lost his voice, he was taken to the hospital and put in ICU on a breathing machine, feeding tube and cathode placed, At that time they where not sure what it was. He was on propofol due to the psychotic out burst and hallucinations, When they figured it out they vacuumed his lung and started him on antibiotics it has been Three months from the last Er. and he is slowly recovering.

Lawliet September 20, 2014 - 4:52 pm

Hi my name is Lawliet and I’ve just recently moved out of my old house I lived in from the age of 14 to 18, when I moved in there was no mold at all but by the time i was 15 it was growing in the walls in my room and we tried to get rid of it by taking down the wallpaper but that didn’t help so we just left it and i lived with it for 3 years, I experienced many of those symptoms and I’m just now going to the doctors about it since I’m suffering with hair loss even after a month of moving out, I also suffered with sever depression and was put on many different medications for that but now having moved out I hardly get depressed at all, the thing is I didn’t know mold could cause all these symptons, I was convinced I was getting depression because of a mental illness or that I was losing my hair because of MPB or something terrifying like that. I’m hoping that if I explain this to my doctor she could sort me out with something to help the effects go away.
I’m hoping if someone read this they will act more than I and my family did on removing the mold because I went through hell for 2-3 years with many panic attacks and major depression and horrible anxiety from losing my hair.

elsabe September 22, 2014 - 5:15 am

Looking at all the symptoms and thinking back i have been having symptoms of mold exposure for years. i live in south Africa in east cape region, known for having more allergies and asthma due to higher humidity. my childhood home used to be a farm, so its a very old house but is built on a slant so water usually just flows away. after my divorce i moved into the cottage my dad built in the back yard with my daughter, the flat part of the property with loads of trees n 2 water tanks that catch up rain water.I have changed cigarette brands due to strain on my lungs and developed chronic sinus and nasal drips which I figured is due to being a somatologist and inhaling the dust when working on feet etc. personally its been a hard 4 years discovering my partner had a meth problem our son being born etc. and I became more depressed with anxiety attacks increasing, brushing it off as stress. The past 2 years falling into the meth trap myself I had much more ear nose throat, eye infections than in my whole life, my son nasal and eye infections, as well as what looks like bad cradle cap, which i thought was head lice when first discovered, which was about the same time my nightmare started. my daughter complained of itching so i fumigated in case of bedbugs and was always concerned bout the 2 small mold patches on her ceiling due to her asthma, but was reassured that the leaks has been fixed. i started a big spring clean after having 6 day tummy bug and noticing that overnight it seems that months off dust settles on everything and thinking the kids might have head lice used treatment for all of us. from there everything spun out of control, itching myself with marks i went from one theory to another from bird-lice to myiasis (small fly larvae) and the more i tried to prove something the more my family and friends thought I am going out of my mind due to the meth which they were not aware of before so i agreed to go to rehab. besides being off the drugs nothing else changed its actually worse. I have isolated myself, lost my salon and lot of my clients, most of my friends and my family fight with me constantly because they think i am delusional from the meth use so started medication and still I am wrapping and covering the whole house in plastic. after finding sites on toxic black mold I can finally get my sanity back since I have started to believe that I am crazy. nobody should have to go through that hell because suicide has become a daily thought. spreading awareness could save lives, I am living proof!

Julia Bolte October 18, 2014 - 6:43 am

My husband, stepson, and myself. We had moved into a basement apartment. After a short time in this apartment. We have white and black mold. And it is mostly in our bathroom, under the shower. And this mold is making me deathly sick. We have told the landlady about it. She didn’t want to believe us. Knowing, now, that we are moving out, and into a mold free apartment. Now she wants to have someone to come into the apartment. And tear out the shower, while we are in the home. We even got a license contractor come in and inspect the home. Not only did he find white and black mold. He also found that the home wasn’t done like it should have been done, in the first place. The home is also a fire trap. Andhas only one way out, and that is through a garage, and the home has no air vents I the bathroom and the kitchen, above the stove. We even sprayed bleach Iin front of the shower, and the mold I under the shower. We have health Iissues. And I’m just getting rid of a contagious and a upper resptory Infection. And my medical doctor told us to get out of the home as soon as possible. My husband and I, both, have COPD.

Emma November 8, 2014 - 6:16 pm

My friend is 11 and im 12,
She lives in the uk and I live in the us
Her house has black mold but her mom wont do anything
Im really worried

Lisa March 27, 2015 - 5:08 am

i first rented a property with my family in 2009. The boiler had leaked for a year without us knowing. When then separated from my husband hence very traumatic time my son went to stay with his dad & I at the time was caring for my nephew & my daughter found a prooerty to rent with very little time unfortunately had to move into a flood plan house not aware of this at the time. When packing my clothes from the wardrobe that had the the boiler above it I came across the most disgusting sight. Layers of black Mold. I had notice there was a damp smell & when boxing up my clothes & shoes the material felt weird bit like the clothes had a life of there own.

Then move to a even worst house realising later it was built on a flood plan but at the time had no clue. I was very ill & things tend to go bumb in the night! Basically I started to see shadows & the walls look like they were moving. This started to drive me crazy well not only could I go on to say more about the following 2 properties I then rented further 2 homes one I still live in now & have been here for 4yrs. To put it in a nut shell they had Mold major damp issues & poorly kept by the landlords/landlady. I have been with the mental healf for the 4yrs & still I’m not well. Reading others comments has made me realise I have to move but I have a dog & the only places I would be allowed to rent will be few & far between properties that have hidden issues so that then the landlord can blame the tenants, dog/animal for the state of the property. So I figure that I now need to stay away from properties that except Animails! So the delemer is I have nowhere to move to, I’m not prepared to seperate from my dog. She is the last of 3 & I believe my dogs became ill because of where I have been renting. 1st dog died off a heart attack but before that she got a desease in her in her claws. She had to have them all removed & just before she died they started to grow back, 2nd dog died of cushions disease but I know he was experiencing what I was feeling. My only dog now finds it hard to breath & sleeps way to much. I have spouts of energy but then have hurt myself many of times because I’ve fallen asleep whilst standing up.

Paying a £6000 debt for holding one months rent back to cover my cost for fixing & improving property 2 flood plan rented house, 2 dogs dead & still exstreamly poorly I have read all the symptoms of black Mold & have them all.

This has to stop, I am at my worst, can’t breath flaky scaly skin, itchy oh the list is endless. It’s so bad that where ever I go it goes with me, it’s on me my furniture my cloths & my dog.

Tina March 30, 2015 - 7:47 pm

I need all kinds of help. I lived in 4 rentals that hadeextreme toxic mold and one of the rentals had the sick building syndrome.
I have been sick and fighting this fight for almost 9 years. Healthcare in the state i lived in and that I experienced was for the most part horrible. They did not know, understand that toxic mold could do the things it can do. They just misdiagnosed me one time after another. The only treatment options they had were prescriptions, which toxicified me more.
I only have one kidney and one adrenal gland. The others with a benign tumor were removed approximately 10-15 years prior to exposure of extreme toxic mold. I am also deathly allergic to penicillin.
I have lost everything. I was working, have a Masters degree, am a certified grant writer, owned a few businesses and diverse experience.
I lost me or any kind of quality of life. The doctors would sometimes actually yell at me, get mad andwrite wrong ininformation in my chart. So anytime I saw any kind of healthcare professional they saw all the mistakes and went by what everyone else wrote and never actually listened to me. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a bummer. However I am mad and done with anyone, many people. I am very frustrated right now and mad, I guess and i don’t get mad.
Hopefully you are still reading.
I lost everything financially, my family knew and heard test results of the toxic mold. However they are alcoholics still and still abuse me even as an adult. An adult on disability. This is part of what that toxicity has done to me, I know what I want to say but it takes me forever to get it out. It affected my brain along with other things.

My point: I need help finding a healthcare professional, any other resources that can help, support system, even someone to talk to or email.

My service dog (due to seizures that started after first rental with extreme toxic mold) and I live out of our old van, stay in hotels when we can. We are trying to decide where to relocate and were probably going to relocate where the right healthcare was.

I was told by 4 healthcare/social service/counselor, to get out of the state and file a restraining order on my family. Because of how unimaginable they were with their threats, abuse, things they tried to do and things they did.

Lucas April 5, 2015 - 9:51 am

Hello, this is very urgent so if I could hear back from anyone soon that would be great. I have asthma, I’ve been renting a house from a slum lord because money is tight. There is mold growing in 2 rooms of the house, around the window seals. Along the baseboards ect. I keep those doors shut as much as possible. I will be moving soon but my concern is.. Just the other day I started having really bad chest pains (not like heart attack chest pains) im having shortness of breath, I get a sharp pain in the left side of my chest when I take a deep breath. This sharp pain goes from (for instance) bottom of my left lung up to my shoulder. The deeper the breath I take the further up this pain goes. Beings as I have asthma, im very concerned about this. I don’t know wether I should go to the hospital to get checked out, or if I should get out of the house to see if the mold is causing this. I don’t know if it’s black mold or just mold (i do not know what types there are or what they look like and which are worse. I would love if you could get back to me soon as I don’t want to be hospitalized.. Im in the process of moving and im in and out of those rooms to get stuff packed. I don’t touch anything moldy, I stay as far away from it as I can because I know mold is really really bad to be around and it’s worse for me cause the asthma part. Please reply asap! I am relying on you guys/gals :( im very very worried

JohnQ April 13, 2015 - 5:02 pm

It sucks trying to narrow down your problems, when you have multiple symptoms.

You become everyones favorite hypochondriac.

My health is getting so bad that I finally have to leave my region, There was no one to help, doctors were useless, I’ve slowly accumulated so many issues that I can no longer participate in society.

Joint pain, chronic fatigue, confusion, vision, extreme rage, its all going that way and everyone wants to blame anything from a wreck 10 years ago, to Cannabis use to the possibility that your just attention-seeking, or ‘chronic negativity’. No one knows your body more than you do, no one know your life more than you do. Thats what akes it so frustrating. Finding a doctor who cares is the hard part. I had to leave me entire region. Im having my new home (a total downgrade) worked over as I type this, to insure no mold or possibility of mold. In a city I’ve never been to, in a state I havent been to in 15 years, just to try and figure out how much this wet, soggy humid climate is contributing to my issues. The back of my head is about to explode. I thought tinnitus was imaginary, until last year. The family says ‘its just that neck injury bothering you’ nurses say ‘your hurting because of inactivity and poor diet’ Doctors say ‘ignore it your too young to complain’. Its all very insulting. Its really just sickening having to walk by a window and smell that acrid smell coming from around the trim. Having black spots above my bath towels that wont go away. Mold covered tiles falling out of the shower because it constructed wrong. Redneck mentality is that mold is a cosmetic issue, not a health issue, that everything being a mold trap just means you need stronger cleaners. My entire home smells like a wet attic. Even though the roof is new. A poorly built home, I’m positive the walls are filled with mold. Ive dumped so much money into it and gotten no where. no one else has answers, or knows the answer even exist. Wet insulation is no big deal to Arkansas contractors I suppose. Ive even heard stories about the Pella windows I had installed letting water in the walls. The odor is STRONG when passing a window. And the drunk Pella installer couldnve helped either.

No one cares, every turn is a rip off, a scam or a dead end. i just had to give it all up and start over, do the Arkansas “paint & perfume” remedy and pass this house on to the next victim. Leaving my entire life,possessions family and all behind.

Hopefully in my new location my “full body inflammation” will subside, and hopefully I can find a legitimate doctor who can start working on the remaining problems. Im tired of crooked worthless doctors who treat you like scum because youre half the age as most of their cash paying, treatment seeking (not cure seeking) retiree patients.

This is more of a rant than anything, its just so sickening when people will blame everything other than what you know is causing you problems; A climate with high barometric pressure and humidity, creating a property that literally NEVER dries out. Theres got to be some reason theirs so many bow legged and obese middle aged people in the South. Some people can take it I guess, but obviously most people are not compatible with this climate and the lack of legitimate operations/resources to deal with it. The best youll get in AR is treated like your stupid, every ‘professional’ acts like your challenging their intellect when you ask questions or offer postulations towards your own situation, obviously because they have no grasp on reality, theyve been living in moldville too long themselves.

Mish June 11, 2015 - 10:09 am

I have huge issues with mold from a home we rented 20 years ago. I recently found a doctor that has helped me find answers (where so many couldn’t) to why I have been so sick for so long. He found that I carry a gene which causes my body to not be able to detox mold toxins. Once I am exposed, I cannot get it out. I spent last year getting better finally with his help and a supplement. I know when I am exposed almost instantly now. There are answers!

Ryan HOllingsworth July 12, 2015 - 11:09 am

i was wondering about , symtoms, well i was weed cutting a field full of different mushrooms in Pennsylvania ,and well my nose is pouring and , i had some shaking , im sure i breathed parts in mouth and especially nose , just wondering if anything i should do or could do? but i also never had allergies to bee stings that i know of but was stung about ten times in arm by bees in ground….but mostly wondering about the breathing of parts of shooms , and i had bad craming withing three hours of cutting field..any answers please

julie September 6, 2015 - 6:20 am

Can any one tell me what kind of blood test can be done to see if you have mold in your body

rockmehardplace September 25, 2015 - 6:41 pm

Moved into an apartment a year and a half ago. Almost immediately I noticed a moldy smell in the apartment but it got worse especially in the summer. I informed my landlord who has done nothing about it. I also believe that most of the mold spores are coming in through the central air conditioner. As it gets harder to breathe when I turn it on. The smell gets worse too.

I am in relatively good health but I have noticed that i always feel tired, no matter how much I sleep. Speaking of sleep I wake up feeling groggy and my throat, nose and eyes itch alot. For no reason I get cramps in my muscles legs, arms etc.. I have also started to experience minor bouts of vertigo. I am currently taking over 2000 milligrams of highly concentrated vitamin c daily. I believe that this has helped to keep my symptoms at a minimum as I have not gotten sick since I started taking it.

I highly recommend vitamin c supplements to those who are affected by mold. However the best thing is to move out as soon as you can even if you have to break your lease. Especially if you have young children or elderly people living with you. I really love my apartment. My neighbors are saints. But sadly I will be cutting ties with this place and moving on. Its not worth the damage that longterm exposure to mold can do to your health. One of my neighbors has been diagnosed with cancer. Another neighbor just had a little girl born with birth defects.

John Thompson January 15, 2016 - 7:58 am

For the last couple of months I have experienced numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers. It is getting worse. MRIs for my brain and spine checkout. There are no other symptoms of MS or any other known cause. Has anyone else experienced this and did it turn out to be black mold? Thanks.

Kelsey March 7, 2016 - 12:55 am

Ummm.. this is my first time blogging. Soooo
John Thompson last person blogged. Year ago I moved Into to a house. Not a ware before hand that the people there before hand had to me b/c of mold and the man was actually in hospital. Anyway knew owners apparently went on the adventure of riding all the mold. Hen they sold the house to my ex .not knowing g any of this post mold adventure situation that went on, when moved in I smelt mildewy smell but we were gonna work on house. I ended up working in the attic and removing some nasty insulation and was not dressed at all for what I should have beenthe insulation tore me up inside out I experienced incredible pain stranded pain in my hands fingers, developed mrsa, and tiny glass and fiber pieces would surface through the sores.. I lived in that house for 3 or four months. During g thus. Mrsa was taken care of although I get it all the time now,but to the point you couldn’t breath in the house headaches stuffy nose. Mold was coming back fiercly.
To what ever it was mold or the insulation something has left me fighting it till this day. FIngers throb with pain or hands and fingers tingly, numb ,cold, my skin around fingers painfully harden 100% of my life now. All of the symptoms are still happening and worse and intense. I am finally after a year gonna go see a dermatoligist. My nails haven’t grown since that house so what ever did it I guess I have some of ur symptoms .

Kelsey March 7, 2016 - 12:57 am

So so sorry should of proof read that first oops

Della March 19, 2016 - 8:48 pm

Due to financial contraints, I moved into a 1974 mobile home in a flood zone. Initial inspection, was basic and I rented on the spot. This home has a multitude of issues but finding the dark mold half concealed in several closets and the overall vague smell of mildew upon entrance, plus the immediate noticible changes relationing each member: 5 yr old hx migraines, asthma, chronic infection — we moved in approx 3 weeks ago. His breathing issues have return but not yet having asthmatic responses, mild congestion while sleeping, barking cough, complete attitude and emotional response has been progressing in a more negative version. Increased stabilization issues involving spatial locations, frequently falls, decreased activity desired moments of play and total of 18 headaches out of 22 days. His congestion has abated but his dermatitis has worsened three fold. For myself, immediate sore throat, almost 1/2 weeks, headaches in varying degrees daily, decreased energy and losing coordination and slower response times. My aggression which was never an issue before has risen massively. My throat remains dry by night fall and dexterity has show marked decrease in ability. My facial Acheny has started producing massive pustules with decreased and infection quality symptoms. My right eye has been red with symptom affecting my sight. Now both eyes are red and sore. Several episodes decreased organization abilities, increased itching over whole body with cause, new patch excema on neck, increased heArt rate and over all exterior decline emotional and care for myself. Additional issues include electrical issues, heating tuning non stop. Water discoloration after rain. Exterior water leak constant, visual inspect result in both a grey blame and orage coloring toward ceiling. The previous edit tenant is extremely ill landlord has been fully disclosed so will tomorrow and address EPA abs local Hd. It took all me any family had to help move me 3 weeks age of which the land lord has offered any resolve. This is going to be extremely difficult since all money’s were paid. I’m so sad and defeated, praying.

Idontwanttobeinpainanymore June 10, 2016 - 1:02 pm

I live in black mold in my parents’ house and it seems there is no escape. I am getting sicker and sicker and thus more and more poor and unable to take care of myself. My boyfriend and I moved into a different place together, but the roommate was an alcoholic and it turns out she wasn’t even the landlord. She kept making excuses not to get us a lease and she ended up kicking us out without warning and now we are both at my parents’ house. Now, my boyfriend is having terrible fits of anger and keeps abusing me and now we are probably going to be kicked out and homeless because he made a hole in a door and in a wall and he broke my mom’s exercise machine. My credit cards are at their limit because my boyfriend lost his job when he was sick recently and my work cut my hours in half after I got a work injury. Death wouldn’t be the worse thing. Mold is hell and my life is hell.

canned water August 15, 2016 - 10:42 am

There is a fine treatment for mold/fungus/yeast issues that was inadvertantly not mentioned. That is oil of Oregano,(diluted highly of course, and used carefully). Also, Oregamax, which is wildcrafted Mediterranean area dried oregano in capsule form. Oil of Oregano will also kill MRSA on contact. Another treatment for eliminating the molds, fungi yeasts and viruses in the environment is Thieve’s oil, a blend of 5 essential oils that can be used to wipe down surfaces in the home.

Anna Levis December 22, 2016 - 6:45 am

Mold is never a good thing. Spores reproducing on counters, walls, and wood trim can take flight and aggravate allergies and respiratory ailments, as well as ruin drywall, carpet, and woodwork. But in every life a little mold will form, and not every patch is a reason to panic.

Carolyn M Lopez January 27, 2017 - 9:35 am

Our mobile home was covered in black mold. We had a water leak n hadn’t gone to check on trailer in 4 months. Should I th row out everything. Had just bought 2 new televisions n New living room (leather) set.
What should I do?

krystle January 27, 2017 - 3:41 pm

You can clean things carefully that are non-porous. But things like fabrics and other items with porous surfaces I’d discard to avoid contaminating another place.

Avis February 6, 2017 - 12:35 pm

I now have the explanation of why the EPA may be closed down. This is a very serious matter which affects manufacturers, house owners and renters of real estate. Certainly we must become more aware and have the media acquaint the public to such dangers of mold, and other products. Thank goodness for these people who write of their very serious health issues.

Kimberlie Turnage May 14, 2017 - 7:21 pm

I just moved into a new apartment after the “great flood of 2016”.Since we moved in in December I have had a sore throat, headache, breathing problems, not being able to call words or names right, forgetting things, getting angry and not being able to handle any kind of stress, and tired and exhausted feeling, watery eyes and stopped up nose.A few weeks ago I discovered three leaks under my bathroom sink and mold all over the particle board and wall under the cabinet where the leak is.I told the landlord like 5 or 6 times.He came and looked after two weeks but still hasn’t fixed it.The word around here is he doesn’t fix things.He has been promising me a new dushwashed since the day I first looked at the apartment.I doesn’t work and looks like it has leaves and wood from left over flood water.He nelected to tell me that this apartment had had any flood damage.Now I’m wondering if there is toxic mold growing behind the walls due to flooding.I found out that I have COPD and have always had athsma and servere allergies, especially to mold.I have been sick since day one of moving in here.I cannot afford to move.The owner never comes here and noone really knows who he is.There is no mataneince man, just the lazy landlord who wont fix things.I continue to get sicker and sicker.My cats are even showing signs of allergy problems.My husband can’t remeber things and loses things all the time, has sinus problems, watery eyes and feels tired all the time.I have now developed sores in my nose,mouth and throat.I am having so much trouble breathing right now I may have to go to the hospital tonight.The word around here is that if tenants complain to much about mold,they get evicted on some trumped up reasons.What should I do?

Lizz November 17, 2018 - 10:10 am

I found black mold at work, they washed it down the drains, and never tested it.. thing is.. washing it down the drains doesn’t make it go away

Zoe Campos September 29, 2020 - 6:31 am

It’s really alarming to know that there are a lot of health risks such as dermatitis and hair loss that come with mold exposure. There’s a weird smell around our basement and I’m afraid that it might be caused by mold spots. It will probably be safer to let professionals take over the situation and see if we need a removal service.

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[…] inform you when there are harmful pollutants in the atmosphere. This smart device also detects mold spores in the air which are likely to cause health issues such as coughing, headache, runny nose, and sore throat. The size of your home determines how much […]


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