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Alexia in Washington, DC

Hello,  my daughters and I have been having unusual symptoms for about one year now. I found mold in my home and I’ve even showed it to my primary care physician; I bought a “Do It Yourself Mold Test” from Home Depot. The results came back positive for mold.

Unfortunately, my doctor couldn’t give me any help. I recieve medicaid, and researching this topic I see that it is very deadly. My doctor told me that mold is a higly legal issue and that he could not help me with the issue. I don’t know what else to do. I can not afford to get tests done and I can’t seem to find a doctor that will accept my insurance. I need resources if anyone one knows how to help please let me know.

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One thought to “Alexia in Washington, DC”

  1. Hi Alexia,

    I’m in Washington DC as well. I can’t help you with the doctor — I’m looking for one as well. I’ve heard Dr. Kogan at the GWU Center for Integrative Medicine is good; I’m trying to get into the practice there.

    That said, DC is one of the most tenant-friendly cities and there is a lot of action you can take against your landlord. Check out the office of the tenant advocate on 14th street — they were incredibly helpful with me. You can petition to get an abatement on your rent. You can also call DCRA and ask them to come and inspect your place. They can’t cite for the mold, but they can make a citation for the water damage and whatever is causing the water damage.

    If you are having symptoms and tested positive for mold, GET OUT. Seriously. Move now. I’m not sure if you should even take your stuff — I’ve been told to get rid of anything fabric, carpeted, etc. I gave myself every excuse for why I shouldn’t move. And then I got a LOT worse. I was shocked at how quickly things went from feeling generally unwell to incapacitated and having brain damage. I’m sorry to scare you, but this is a terrible climate to be sick in, so do whatever you can now to get out of there!

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