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April in Flagstaff Arizona

This is going to be one long drawn out story, and I am not feeling so well again, so please bear with me. My husband and I decided back in 2012 that we wanted to buy a trailer with some money we had. We bought one in February of 2012. The second we moved in we noticed a roof leak that had just formed after looking at the trailer and was dripping on our couch as we moved our things in. We had to put a bowl under it. Okay no problem this trailer has a Home Depot roof warranty. Only… they take at least a couple of weeks to schedule it. I start thinking about mold. I want this fixed ASAP. They don’t address my concerns. They come out to “fix the leak” but about a week later its leaking again. They take a couple of months to come out and fix it. The head contractor shows me pictures of the previous water damage the trailer had… wow… scary… In June of 2012 I got pregnant with our daughter who is turning 2 this month. Everything was okay for awhile. In January of 2013 I was 8 months pregnant. We had nowhere else to go. My husband starts waking up at night and he can’t breathe… The trailer had had such poor insulation we had the windows about 13 of them covered with long curtains and towels all winter. well my husband gets up unable to breathe and he opens a window. Lo and behold mold… tons and tons. We lift all curtains and towels… mold everywhere. More mold then I have ever heard of/ seen literally EVER… We have someone come look at the mold he says its cladosporium and he says its not toxic, but when we called him back to run a spore count test he never showed back up and there was nobody else in town to do it. We clean up all of the mold and honestly everything seems OK again. We can’t afford to rip out the mold so just what we visibly can see. We don’t wear masks and we extensively air out our house. I get told that my liver enzymes are looking off and I must be malnourished (I was eating great but shrugged it off). I give birth my beautiful daughter who is born blue with the cord wrapped around her neck. She turns out fine. I have so much fun getting to know my new baby. I learn she is amazing. Then when she is 3 months old I start getting thirsty and not just a normal thirsty. Always thirsty. I want to drown my stomach in water 24/7. It won’t go away. It doesn’t matter what I drink or when… it will NOT end. Then one day. I start feeling like I am loosing my consciousness. I am sure I am going to die I remember thinking. I leave the house in the car but I don’t feel better… (more on why later) I stand there thinking about how much I would miss my husband and baby… the beautiful new life we just created. I start blanking out my blood pressure drops like so low I collapse on my knees (I was checking it with a monitor as this happens). I collapse. I sit there. The ambulance is called. I can barely walk I can barely talk I get hauled away. The dr. calls me a liar he says I am fine and there is no way I can be experiencing what I am indeed experiencing. My parents agree to let us stay 3 days my dad rather begrudgingly. I feel better … much much better… wow the difference. I pack up some things and we leave. We stay around in a weekly place and even rented a room from a family for awhile. We wind up having to stay with my husbands family its now August 2013 by the way. They give us a month. We are able to find a low income one bedroom apartment that seems clean enough to stay. We still had to put many plants and countless amounts of hours airing it out. Its okay. Wow no more mold. Still feeling sick though just not as bad. I forgot to mention about the absolutely horrible reflux and chest pains I am having during this time as well as visual disturbances and the “Stuffed rag in your head feeling” at certain times. I become addicted to detoxing saunas coffee enemas chlorella… you name it I have probably tried it or am maybe even doing it consistently. My never ending thirst went away some time ago but also comes back too. Lung pains too….I feel better sometimes and worse others. Its so hard to figure out why. I read about multiple chemical sensitivity. I realize I am allergic to everything. Meanwhile my husband is feeling a lot of these same things too. He gets jobs but has to quit them shortly because he is so sick from them. We have very little income of any kind. We want to provide for our family but what do we do? We realize our daughter acts weird when she is exposed to things too. We get sicker and sicker the more we try to work and provide for our family. I get glasses and so does my husband which takes care of the visual problems I/ him now have. I would randomly go blind headaches focusing problems etc. I get pregnant again (BIG oops given our situation but am totally in love now) That is January 2014. There has not been one job that him or I could keep yet due to trace mold or sometimes more of trace or more chemicals. At this point my husband and I both realize we are allergic to wheat. Going gluten free alleviates many body pains terrible reflux and chest pains for me. Its amazing. At this point I feel pretty good if I stay home and regularly detox then I am 90% my regular self and truthfully believe with the damage done its just not getting better than that. I was only 22 years old when I got sick and fully believe I almost died and I am 24 now and struggling terribly with 2 daughters my 4 month old and about to turn 2 year old. We try to work somewhere we get loopy we get sleepy we hallucinate we trip over ourselves. We are about to quit at yet another place because its becoming unsafe (we work opposite hours at the same place currently). We SEEM lazy but we are SCARED! Absolutely terrified that we won’t be able to pay our rent and will loose our 2 children that we love dearly. This poisoning is HELL on EARTH!!! My husband even had a job as a bus driver at one point making pretty good money but he had to leave so we never get ahead. These apartments are offering us a 3 bedroom as we speak but we can’t afford and are worried over the extra $150/month to give our children a decent home. We haven’t been able to find a mold doctor who accepts medicaid yet. Very few doctors know about what I am experiencing. My family thinks I am a loony bin. I am completely isolated and alone. This is the worst illness I could ever imagine and no matter how much you fight it does NOT go away! Please I beg you to take mold seriously and do not let this happen to you. My oldest daughter is delayed also and we do not yet know the full extent of her condition but so far she speaks very little. I also forgot to mention about how we discovered our car had mold under its hood just from being in front of that trailer and we had to clean the hell out of it but it still wasn’t good and we finally a few months ago got rid of it. We have lots of debt we can never pay. Does anyone have any advice for me? Does anyone know of mold doctors who help you out and or take medicaid? Possibly some legal advice. Like should I try and sue home depot or how I would go about getting disability or anything to help me? I don’t even know if I want to sue… I would probably rather get disability. I don’t even know how to go about this. Also section 8 is no longer accepting applicants where I live.

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  1. I know what you are going through. My daughter and I were poisoned by mold in an apt. in Florida. That was 3 years ago. We had to walk out of the apt. and leave everything we owned after a doctor diagnosed us with Invasive Fungal Disorder. We took oral antifungals and got better, but have never gotten well. We lived in hotels for 6 months and started living in apts. but had to move out as soon as we saw traces of mold. Very few apts. are mold free. Houses aren’t safe either, even when they are new. We tested the apt. we are in now before we moved in. The most frustrating part of this is the doctors in the US aren’t trained to treat fugal/mold disease. We have been to about 40 doctors and too many hospitals to count. WE just came back from the Cleveland Clinic and then the Southern Medical Center in San Antonio where much fungal research is done. Neither place would treat us. The thinking in the medical community is that if you don’t have AIDS or an organ transplant or something that is going to kill you anyway and you get invasive mold, they will treat you with IV antifungals. So we have to wait until we are nearly dead to get treatment. Our Medical Community should be ashamed of the way we are treated. Most patients are diagnosed by autopsy. My daughter and I have done a lot of research and we know more than the doctors. There is a test called a PCR fungal test that can diagnose the kind of fungus you have in a couple hours, but doctors don’t have it or know how to treat fungal illness, so they will tell you that you are crazy or make up some illness or tell you they don’t know how to help you. When you look at the list of countries and their research and treatment of fugal/mold illnesses, the US is way down the list.
    If ANYONE can recommend a doctor who will treat fungal/mold illness, please let me know. No one should suffer from this illness.
    Do not subject your children to a moldy environment!

  2. Brian and Krystle,
    What motivates you to put up this web site? My daughter and I want to start a non profit organization to help mold victims. We have a multi million dollar law suit in the works against the owners of the apartment we lived in. We asked them to help us and check out the apt. but tey refused because they couldn’t see anything in the apt. The AC was infested and the mold spores were microscopic at first, so they didn’t bother to get a professional to test the apt. I got a Certified Industrial Hygienist to check it out. He found 7 kinds of mold and Yeast. I thought I was going to die when we got sick, but fortunately our family doctor did a biopsy on a leison on my daughter’s skin and found the fungus. He administered oral antifungals, but there are IV antifungals that work faster and tests that are better now.There are even a contrast for fungus MRI’s now. We know we could get well but the doctors won’t help and we can’t get to those who might have the empathy to actually trouble themselves to help us.
    What is your experience?Can you suggest a doctor?

  3. Dr. Shoemaker is very expensive and charges for everything!I have found NO doctors that will help. I treat myself with colloidal silver and gold. Apple cider vinegar helps and diatomaceous earth. I drink green tea and use thieves oil. No one cares about us in the medical community. Join the facebook groups on mold. I have been suffering and recontaminating every thing and every body for years. The car is a big source of our problem. The vehicle is hard to clean and will push us to contaminate every place we go. Ammonia and peroxide are the only two things I have seen proven to kill mom and penetrate spores. This is hell to go through and I am so sorry for you. Bad thing is tho is spreading so fast I think every human on the planet will become infected from mom poisoning. This means politicians, movie stars, doctors, lawyers, children and every body. But, still the doctors choose to ignore us and charge outrageously for testing not realizing that they too will soon become victims of this. Mom spores are in the air as well as mycotoxins… They can not be controlled! They spread everywhere and the first place the toxins and spores lil to go is to your nostrils leading straight to your brain. They dont want to help us but soon will need help themselves. Then what??? This is a nightmare. Prayer and humbleness is all we have. I wish that we us victims could ban together and cause a scene so big and so loud that the world has to listen but for now I don’t know how to organize that. I’m working on I though. I wonder what the world would do if Brad Pitt, Rihanna, BeyoncĂ©, the president, The Tea party, Katy Perry, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Kim K, Barbara Walters, and so on became ill with mold illness… Would they listen then? Its so easy for that to happen but no one realizes. This is so real and so deadly. The CDC says Cladosporium can cause damage to the brain…Google it. But even the CDC doesn’t care because they do nothing to enforce treatment for those of us whom are infected. The USA doesn’t even want to give us free healthcare like Canada! And, when Obama first submitted his healthcare proposal everyone denied it because doctors wouldn’t make enough money if we had damn near free healthcare. The Republicans rejected it! Now we have a stupid version of Obama care because this is the only thing his opposers would agree to… At least he tried for us but America kicked it down and we will all die from this one stupid thing called mycotoxins that NOT MANY DOCTORS WILL TREAT OR EVEN KNOW ABOUT. I GET EMAILS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ASKING FOR HELP WITH MOLD ILLNESS EVERY DAMNED DAY! ITS SPREADING LIKE WILDFIRES! NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THIS. THE DOCTORS, LAWYERS, AND POLITICIANS ARE NOT EVEN THINKING OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN AND LOVED ONES. EVERYONE IS THINKING ABOUT MONEY IN THIS CAPITALIST SOCIETY. LMAO. REMEMBER IN THE BEGINNING EVERY ONE CALLED OBAMA A SOCIALIST BECAUSE HE WANTED TO HELP THE PEOPLE the little people get money, jobs, and healthcare??? Awe, I know you guys remember… All of his bills were denied. I guess I need to move to Canada in order to get medical treatment and stay alive???! Good old USA…SMH

  4. you just made me proud.. every word you wrote is the God honest truth.. thank you for your help…

  5. As I sit here at the end of my rope tears running down my face I want to scream at the top of my lungs open your dam eyes it is right here in front of everybody. Yet no one will admit I may be right. Instead I get you are crazy. You know what I say to that maybe I am ,but I. Would at lease get help then. Ten year now but this has been the worst they are in my nose mouth fingers toes back all over. All MD have a different ways to blow you off. Cdc tells you how bad it is but the other the state of Florida is testing for is mold in peanut butter.You can have testing done at 3000.0 a test. Lol I spent everything on trying to save myself it is not working I feel like I am dying daily and the mold is winning Mold 10 Diana 0. So what now. Hats off to you because that is how we all feel ignorance stupidity and then having to be right is going to kill us.

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