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Billie in Arroyo Grande, CA

by Jonathan

I have lived in a small converted garage apartment next to my landlady’s house. During the seven years I lived there I had constant sinus problems, and my vision was blurry most of the time, with dizzy spells. Fibromyalgia wosened and my depression led me to attempt substance suicide. I live near San Luis Obispo, considered a rural area.. it wasn’t until a strange skin lump appeared above my eye and continued to cause very strange lesions on my face an neck that app we appeared to release a small white “thing” and then eat the skin around I it that started seeing the same type of thing in my face and body products and etched into every substance that I put Iit together,; thanks to the internet. This started in August 2015 and the weather was extremely humid. Of course told Sally Fowler, my landlady and basically she said it was all in my head. I went to ERs about 4 times and other doctors as well. They all said I was delusional. As it became so noticeable she couldn’t ignore it, she h a d a company come out to test assuring me I would get a copy of it. I even paid the expedited fee to get it sooner. When she received it, she would not let me see the report.
She blamed I it on me and refused to have it fixed. I have been to every local health department, legal organizations for tenant rights and not one even wanted to hear me. Went to State level and the same thing. Continued to try to get help from doctors, and they ridiculed me.

I had to start cleaning my stuff and try to save it, but I couldn”t. Cleaning seemed to stir up more spores which made me sicker. Finally I could not stay there any longer. Also, she made put the toxic trash in my car and haul it off. This has led to mold in my car which has began to eat away at it. I am now living in the mold infested car. Someone help me, please!

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