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Caitlyn in Wartrace, TN

My husband and I bought a house about four weeks ago. For the past two weeks I thought I had a cold, but I noticed that when the HVAC kicks on I start to cough more and feel worse. A piece of carpet was sticking up in the bedroom, so on a whim I asked my husband if he could pull it up. Underneath on the subfloor you could see a 12 foot long dark stain that paralleled the bathroom. It was completely dry, but once upon a time there must have been a very, very bad leak! And on top of the stain was a dark fuzzy mold! I believe that could be what’s making me feel sick. Right now my husband is tearing out the carpet and will scrub it down with bleach.


Will scrubbing it down with bleach take care of it?

Do we have grounds to sue the sellers for not disclosing?

Are we safe to be living here?

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